Travel is fatal

Most of us love to travel. Whether it’s for relaxation, adventure or just to get away from it all. ‘Going away’ is good for the soul. But what do you do when the pennies are low? Is it really possible to save money for travelling when everyday ‘life stuff’ is taking up all your hard-earned dosh? 

The good news is: yes, you can save the cash you need for travelling whilst living the daily grind. No, you don’t need a trust fund, rich partner, or super-dooper high-flying job, or a lottery win, to get away for a bit.

The bad news is, you do need to put a bit of effort into saving. 

I have been travelling, on and off, since I was 20 years old {That’s quite a while by the way.} and I have never really had very much money. I’ve never earned loads of dosh and my parents are far from loaded.

So how did I manage to get away?

They say that when there’s a will, there’s a way. 

I just found a way.

So to save for travelling, you need to find a way.

But as we are a lovely bunch over here at HTC, here are our top tips on how to save for travelling. 

5 Ways To Save Money For Travelling

How To Save For Travelling

1. Pick a Budget

Work out the very minimum you will need to save for travelling including transport, insurance, basic accommodation, food and activities.  This will act as your baseline for saving and your target to hit as soon as possible. 

2. Choose a Cheaper Destination

Pop on your research hat and find out where are the best budget countries to travel to. Bear in mind that places like USA and Australia are pretty expensive, so opt for somewhere where cost of living is lower such as Southeast Asia, India, or Eastern Europe. 

3. Cut it Out

Now for the fun bit… take a look at your current spending habits and identify where you could cut out some pricey habits. Do you really need those £5 cups of branded coffee twice a day? Could you swap your regular yoga sessions for a run around the park? Maybe you could ditch your regular club nights for some cheaper cosy night’s in?

4. Save on Pay Day

If you have yet to do so, open a separate savings account from your current one. Now set up a direct debit to transfer a set amount, whatever you can afford, over to your savings every month after pay day. Do it immediately when you get paid and don’t touch it. Forget it’s even there. 

5. Sell It

Finally, go for the purge! It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate that we just don’t need. So block out a few weekends in your calendar and start purging what you don’t need. If it’s decent quality clothes and bric-a-brac then whack it on Ebay, Gumtree or Depop. Any cash you make can go into the savings pot. 

So that’s it!

When the boyf and I came away this time around we saved money by cutting out all our vices (namely Chinese takeways, ahem!), cancelling unnecessary subscriptions, reducing our leisure activities for a few months, selling some unwanted possessions. We stalked price comparison sites for a few days before finding a flight and choose a cheaper place to travel to (hello Thailand!).

If we can do it, so can you!

Let us know what your top travel saving tips are in the comments below. We’d love to hear your stories.

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