We go by a lot of names, but the YouTube Generation is one that I always found rather catchy. I guess that is probably because of my liking of halfpipe snowboarding challenges… That is quite a visual joke without an image to guide you (it’s a pipe cut in half, a U, a U tube). Nevermind.

Recently my work upgraded me from a desktop with the processing power of Joey Essex to a Laptop, as they want me to be able to work from home out of hours in case of emergencies (yay me). Now this was a completely fresh laptop, no delicious cookies, no browsing history, absolutely nothing that could skew my search results and what I see online. So what happened when I first visited YouTube, err in a strictly working capacity, came as a real eye opener.

The YouTube Generations

While the top promoted video was “Is this the nastiest X Factor judge response ever?”, I didn’t particularly care. Whatever happens to those nobodies Natalia Killed her career and Penis Moon, I’m sure they deserve it. Embarrassingly, my eyes were first drawn to some of the recommended videos below, namely the one with the breasticles hanging out titled “Top 10 Movie Milfs”.

After noticing the video about the mothers I’d like to friend, I looked at the surrounding recommended videos and reached the gut wrenching question of, is this what we have become?

The top recommended channel was something called FailArmy. A Channel with just short of 7 million subscribers that celebrates in the failure of the human race. Namely with things like Hot girl fails, Girl fails, Wedding fails, Ultimate fails and (in a JML ad voice) many many more. Next up is MovieMojo who specializes in the top 10 moments of things that have happened. Not a terrible concept, but the top 10 milfs and crazy moments in sports water it down to the fact that their 7 million plus subscribers have a very short attention span and don’t really care about the pressing matters. Had there been a top 10 moments that changed the world video, I may have taken a different tone. Instead the 168 million views of Ultimate Girls Fail of 2012 strengthened my resolve.

Recommended YouTube channels

Because my laptop had no previous history, nothing to build its recommendations on, this was a clean slate that summed up the majority of the so called YouTube generation. Admitedly I would have been happy with a LOLcats channel or a Dogs do the darndest things, so I’m not one to preach. But “INSANE toilet paper PRANK” hit 5.2 million views in two days and I’m sure I want nothing to do with 5,199,996 of them.

I had to scroll down the page to see the channels dedicated to new music and movie trailers, you know, the useful stuff. Not to mention the dedicated Taylor Swift channel, she’s so hot right now. But scrolling down the homepage of YouTube is the equivalent of making it to the third page of Google results, it doesn’t happen. YouTube is a brilliant tool and has changed the way we access our media, but the popularity of the ocean of dirge that is available will define the YouTube generation in the rest of the world’s eyes. But if you’ll excuse me, I need to go finish watching a video to find out who the top 3 milfs are.

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