By the time this article hits the internet I will have (very excitedly) moved into my new home. After living with my then-boyfriend for a while, I’m starting out afresh on my own and moving into rented accommodation. Plus, for the first time ever and at the age of nearly 30, I’ll be having a housemate.

I feel like my life has skipped back a decade and I’m now doing all the things most people do in their early 20s.

I am incredibly lucky as my landlord is very laid back, allowing us to not only have my pets in the property but also to decorate as we wish; she says that for as long as we are living there it is our home and we can treat it as such.

For us, we’re looking at a simple colour scheme of black, white and grey in the living room, accessorising the decor with glass and chrome to bring it all together.

However, for those of you that are unable to redecorate and want to personalise a rented home, never fear! You can still personalise it without redecorating the body of the rooms themselves by adding accessories and points of note to inject colour and a little bit of ‘you’.

In the interests of research (and because my love of homewares has increased ten-fold now I’m getting a new pad) I’ve had a look online and found some of the best ways to brighten up your home and give it some life.


The High Tea Cast Candles


Candle holders

the high tea cast candle holders


The High Tea Cast Cushions


the high tea cast vases


The high tea cast homeware signs

 Bring the outside in and animal friends

the high tea cast homewares

All of these items come from either Asda, Tesco, Ikea or Dunelm, so they won’t break the budget but they look great and will make all the difference in making your pad your own!

I’ll be updating you on the transition of my new home over the coming weeks and would love any tips, tricks or ideas as to how I can make my nest beautiful.


How would you personalise a rented home?

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