That beaut of a Sun is shining, lazy days are on their way and you start to find yourself in that pattern of day dreaming. A lot. If you’re anything like me, as soon as the days get lighter and the mood of pretty much (lets be honest) everyone improves, I start to dream and think about setting goals.

Dream about what you ask? 

Well everything – exotic holidays to places I can’t pronounce, lots of stand out dresses in the wardrobe, family day trips with the little ones and my man every week, a healthier salad infested lifestyle, a gin by the waterfront most nights, festivals every other weekend, dance offs at bohemian Northern Soul nights and of course more money, time and reality to be able to do half of what’s on my wish list.

And that’s just my every day goals for the Summer.

Pier Out To Sea Large

But why does it take some sunburn and the re-appearance of  freckles to kick me into planning and wishing mode and to get me setting goals? I feel this way most of the time – different wishes and goals at different stages of my life – but the point is I’m always wishing and wanting 365 days of the year and this can be dangerous. 

This is not because I don’t deserve to wish and set goals but because I keep them in my head and that’s where they stay, negative and non-exisitent. They sit stale in my brain and more often than not I do nothing with these high and unrealistic dreams, other than think maybe and coin that desperate phrase some day. I know we’re all guilty of it sometimes and we’re only human but urgh! That’s one depressingly crappy mindset and one I felt I needed to shake off before it got the better of me.

So I decided to stop thinking and to start doing – and yup it’s most amazing thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s not that easy – I hear you holla, but it really is when you break it down – all you are doing is making an idea or goal a planned reality – and it works!

Get your dreams out there

Freedom In The Field

Its easy to keep our big dreams internal because we’re afraid we might sound like dicks if we’re honest to ourselves and say them out loud, or if we share them with other people. This is not true. You aren’t a day dreamer who can’t face reality – you’re just taking those wishes and believing with positivity and hard work you can attain and attract exactly what you want and deserve. 

Write your goals down – when you write down what you need and want you allow it to have the energy to start mainfesting into a do-able reality. It’s not stuck upstairs anymore it’s there, on paper, written by you and you want it so you will make it happen.

Make a “Wish Book” (you will love making it!) and fill it with all the aspirations and goals you want to achieve; they can be as big as owning a private yacht in Hawaii, or as simple as taking that morning jog each day before work, saving for a car, or taking steps to change your career in the direction of the one you always dreamed you might end up doing. The power in writing these down is so uplifting I guarantee they will start to excite you on a daily basis. 

Be creative

Jazz up your wish list with images. You want that gorgeous Vivien of Holloway dress? Cut it out and stick it in your book, fill it with bright and positive pictures of what you’ve been imaging in your head. These visuals, together with your goals written next to them help make your aims tangible. Trust me, you will look at that book and get lost in it – you’ll start to want your dreams even more and that will make you displined in the art of how you can make them realities. Visualize those goals to realise them.

Beautiful Beach

Look at those goals every day

Making a “Wish Book” is all well and good but if you dont look at it and add to it, what’s the point? Take 5 mins to read it each morning and before you go to bed – It will set you up for the day and leave you dreaming sweetly each eve. It doesnt have to take much time but it will be worth it. Stick some of your goals on your mirror or fridge- (just be careful you don’t forget you’ve put that sex fantasy up and invite your Mum over for a cuppa…) – seeing is believing and it’s helping to keep you on track in achieving what you want. 

Love What You Do
On the fridge and into my day

Take your pretty sweet time

Dont be a slave to the wish list -love it and it will love you back. It’s going to cost you some hard work but at your pace. You’ve got life to deal with which means work, kids, zumba, Chris Hemsworth movies to blow kisses at, relationships and all the rest; so don’t feel you have to rush at attaining these  goals and “wants” of yours (you may just be so excited you can’t help but get on it)- set your own time scales and deadlines and allow yourself to enjoy the visualizing process – who doesn’t want to think about that Kate Bush concert you bagsied tickets for because you made damn sure you achieved that particular ‘want’.

And lastly…

Don’t give up! Keep plugging away at your goals and Wish Book and tell yourself, whatever the timescale, it’s starting to happen. If you’re willing to put the hard work in, as well as believing in yourself, you can make anything happen.

Don’t forget it’s up to you how high you want to go…

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