God bless the Internet for bringing into our lives Ryan Gosling gifs, wildly hilarious videos and more bullshit than you can shake a stick at.

Right up at the top of that list of bullshit for me has to be the brain numbing lists of dating advice for women – how to ensnare a man, how to trick a man into loving you, how to get him to marry you when he really isn’t sure…

So I’m here to give you the opportunity to ignore most of that advice, and I thought I would share just 5 pieces of dating advice you should definitely ignore;

1. Stop looking and you’ll find him

5 pieces of dating advice you should definitely ignore

Outright bullshit. There’s no real way to ‘jumpstart’ your chances of a relationship materialising. Life is random, so whether you pine for companionship, can’t live without each other’s love, or you stick two fingers up to searching, your chances of finding a mate remain the same.

What I would say is this, making yourself happy and having a life that’s just fine and dandy will make you more likely to be open to a relationship should it come your way.

2. No sex on the first date


Gonna make this real clear, there is no right or wrong time to have sex if that’s what you want! You’re not “slutty”. It isn’t going to make him think you’re not marriage material (if that’s what you both want!).

Some of my best relationships started with sex on the first date. If sex matters to you, then why shouldn’t you go for it? Let me tell you if it makes you happy and him happy then everyone is a winner.

Waiting to have sex doesn’t make your relationship any stronger or weaker. It really just depends on the person you’re with and what you and they want out of a relationship.

3. Everyone has a soul mate


Nope, no to this. Sure, I agree that there are people out there more suited to one another, but talk about piling the pressure on to be constantly searching for “the one”.

It’s a bit like jeans shopping. You have in your mind this elusive pair that must be there somewhere and if you just keep looking they’ll appear. They won’t. The best you can hope for is to find the pair/partner that fits best. Not perfect, but best. And to do that you have to try a lot on!

4. Bickering is the beginning of the end


Now don’t get me wrong; if it’s getting to the point where you’d rather spoon your own eyes out than speak to them, then it’s probably over.
But bickering is totally not a sign the end is nigh. Some people are more argumentative and enjoy going toe-to-toe with their other half. I love a good heated debate over Game of Thrones or the validity of a penalty. Knowing I feel secure enough in a relationship to voice my opinion, and in turn listen to the other side, makes me feel more secure. Better to bicker occasionally than hold it all in and end up having an Armageddon-worthy fall out!

5. Play the game, he is

5 pieces of dating advice you should definitely ignore

You’ve heard the advice: wait three days to call. Don’t text back right away. Seem disinterested and like you have way better things to do.

Can we all just drop the façade and be ok with being into someone? Treat anyone new you date as you would a friend. Be considerate and thoughtful, that way if it doesn’t work out you might still get a friendship out of it and you won’t be leaving in your wake a path of emotional destruction. Just a thought!

What are the biggest dating myths you’ve heard?

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