Welcome to the third in a series of ‘how to be a dick on social media’ posts! Why not check out the Facebook and Twitter ones?

Instagram is the social network for the selfie generation. OK, that’s selling it a bit short. But with so much information out there to filled our eyes and brains, great images have never been so important – and so much can be conveyed with one snap. In fact, young people (under the age of 30) are far more likely to follow a brand on Instagram than any other social network. 

But there are a few ways you can get on the wrong side of Instagrammers, whether you’re using it for personal or business use. 


Easily one of the first complaints that crops up with Instagram users is bad use of hashtags. Either going way overboard #hashtagging #pointless #words #to #cover #all #bases, or choosing entirely pointless ones. In most cases, three work well. 


I’m not trashing all selfies here. But if someone looked at your Instagram feed and saw a stream of selfies and little else, what would they think? Sadly, it’s often not positive, either suggesting the user has insecurity issues or little interest in others. In fact, it could even impact on your employability!

The odd selfie is totally fine, as long as you’re sharing some other bits too. 

Duck pouts are, of course, never acceptable. I’m looking at you, Geordie Shore cast. 


Again, like a lot of things on this list, it’s all about having things in moderation. The odd quote is absolutely fine but think about the source of the quote (there’s a good chance Marilyn Monroe or Morgan Freeman didn’t say half the things they’re quoted as saying) and that the quote actually makes sense. 

On a personal note, I’m not a fan of bullying ‘fitspiration’ quotes (you know the ones – ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’ and ‘Keeping working out even though you’re in pain and have a broken leg, fatty fatty boom boom’). But I know for some they’re pretty motivating.  That’s ok – Instagram is designed to appeal to lots of different people. 


If you’re a brand, it’s inevitable that you’re going to do some promotion. But if all of your feed is pictures of your products, you’re slightly missing the point. Give your followers some behind the scenes looks, pictures of the people you work with or even the odd picture of the office dog! 


There’s probably an entire other post on photoshopping on Instagram. There are definitely dozens of articles hightlighting how celebs like the Kardashians and Beyonce do it. While filters are pretty acceptable now, changing your entire body shape is pretty irresponsible when you’re a celebrity with influence. Judy Johnson shares this dislike (can we throw #nomakeup selfies in which are, quite clearly, not truthful?)


Not being business-friendly

From a client/social media manager point of view, @BeautyjunkieLdn, @MsJenAllison and I all get really frustrated that Instagram doesn’t allow you to quickly switch between accounts like Twitter and Facebook does. You have to log out then back in, which often means you have to log in and out of your sharing accounts too. Frustrating.

In a similar vein, it’s frustrating that I have to download an entire other app to reshare photos from other accounts. 

What bugs you on Instagram? What do you love to see? What never fails to get you double tapping? Let us know in the comments! 

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