As a general rule in life I try not to follow trends. We’ve all seen fashion come and go – the 90s were full of cargo pants, denim skirts with a scarf as a belt, and the coloured lens glasses that did absolutely nothing to assist or correct the wearer’s vision but added a nice violet/pink/green hue to the world. We humans are fickle creatures and fads burn strong before dying as rapidly as they came into our consciousness.

But it’s not just the fashion industry affected by these whims of taste and style: the world of homewares and interior design also follows this same path, with elements coming to the forefront of the public mind and adorning thousands of homes around the country before their shine dulls and our attentions are diverted elsewhere, on to The Next Big Thing.

However, as much as I try to avoid these fleeting fancies, sometimes one comes along that is just so ‘me’ that I can’t turn a blind eye. I can try, by all means, I can attempt to avoid the feeling of want that rises in me when I see it, but on rare occasions the need to have a certain product or scheme becomes too much for me. And this is exactly what has happened in recent weeks.

I’m talking light up words and letters for your home.

There's a huge choice out there - these are just a few available from Not On The High Street
There’s a huge choice out there – these are just a few available from Not On The High Street 

Would you just LOOK at those beauties!

The concept of lighting utilised as not only a necessity to assist us poor ill-equipped creatures to see in the dark, but to be something of beauty is not a new thing. For decades, celebrities have seen their name in lights and droves of young people have aspired to do the very same. But, in the past couple of years I’ve noticed the trend venturing ever closer to us mere mortals – initially as decor at weddings, with the initials of the happy couple, or ‘love’ spelt out in tall letters at the side of the dance floor.

Perfect for weddings, or to buy for your home.
Perfect for weddings, or to buy for your home.

It’s eye catching, it’s beautiful and I think almost everyone would agree that the sight of lights shining in the darkness has a special, almost magical quality to it.

Ever more increasingly, I am seeing lit up words or letters entering into the home or workplace. Spelling out words that mean something special to you, or having the initials of your loved ones shining from the wall, the bookcase or the windowsill, adds a certain special something. It could almost be said that it allows your love for those people, or your home life, to literally shine.

As you can imagine, items like this are generally not cheap (although you can pick up some more budget-friendly versions on eBay), but I think they’re more than a temporary artwork; I honestly believe they could be a sound investment as not only are they functional but they hold so much meaning too. I personally am desperate to have some light up letters in my house – I just need to decide what they’ll say…


What do you think of the light up words and letters trend? A passing fancy or a long-term addition to your home?

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