The beginning of summer signals the beginning of many wonderful things – lighter evenings, busy beer gardens, the smell of freshly cut grass, festivals and the start of the budget package holiday season… the 18-30 holiday season.

What happens on 18-30 holidays?

Now many of you will have seen TV programmes such as ‘What happens in Kavos’ and ‘Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents’ that claim to give you an insider’s view into these particular holidays. These shows share footage of drunken sex games, binge drinking followed by vomiting (and being made to eat it) and nudity. Basically, all young Brits that travel to the Greek and Spanish islands are there purely to get as wasted, naked and screwed as possible. Well, I’ve been on a few 18-30 holidays and the truth is … all of this is true. But not for every Brit.

Goldfish bowl

Am I too respectable?

The same as travelling to Ibiza and enjoying the scenery, beaches and island history rather than taking drugs and frequenting the superclubs, you can go on an 18-30 holiday and behave like a normal, respectable adult (but not too much of course).


You did what?

My first 18-30 holiday was after recovering from knee surgery and I was still using a cane for balance. Walking the streets of Kavos, I received sympathetic looks, which I appreciated until I realised everyone thought I’d fallen off a bar while dancing on it (I did actually do this on a later 18-30 holiday – not my finest moment). This happens to be the most common form of injury for (mostly) females on 18-30 holidays.


Drink, parties and romance?

All of these holidays are the same in the sense you have reps selling you a package deal of cringey nights out (schoolgirl dress up, UV paint party, full moon party – you name it) at which you’re encouraged to drink lots and possibly partake in a sex game… or two. I’ve always gone on these holidays with my boyfriend and, more often than not, the reps have left us to our own devices. Yeah we drink and party and have a good time but we also see the sites, chill out, have romantic meals and get to know the wonderful, hardworking people that call these places home. And all for a very low cost.

Palace Malia

Would I go again?

I never thought I’d go on one 18-30 holiday, let alone a dozen of them but I am glad I took the chance as I now have Greek friends in Zante, have explored the Minoan Palace in Malia and discovered the wonder that is Greek food (saganaki, gyros and beef stifado will change your life). I am on my next one at the end of this month again to the beautiful island of Zante – this is my third visit – it is also my ideal wedding location as it really is that beautiful. And, despite the terrible typical British antics, for £170 each, why the hell not?

Clear blue sea

Will you holiday like you’re 18-30?

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