Episode 2.20



You don’t have to have been listening that long to know that we like to think of ourselves as booze aficionados. We can drink it, we can mix it, we can buy it and we’ve even had a go at infusing it. But we are not the experts at that last one. So instead we found a comedian who happens to have a bar in his front room, run gigs from his kitchen and infuse fruit gin.

We love gin. And we’re ok with fruit. So we appreciated this.

We’ve got:

  • Chatter on what really happens when you hire a Personal Trainer, and how it helped Sam out of a massive slump (and Lea puts stuff in her mouth again).
  • The 3Cuckoos Podcast guys .
  • An interview with comedian Paul Savage on his life as a stand up, his best and worst gigs and his business Fruit Booze Collective (where he puts fruit combos into gin!)
  • And finally, we got down with our Cards Against Humanity play of the day. We are horrible people.

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