It’s summer (supposedly) and this is the time of year when care free abandon on our finances often hits. January was depressing, February wasn’t much better but now it is almost July and we’ve forgotten most of the promises we made to ourselves way back when to be smarter with our cash.

However, the summer months bring money saving opportunities – no really they do. Instead of jetting off on a Carribean cruise, stick with us and we’ll give you three easy tips to make the most of the weather, the lighter hours and all the tools you have at your disposal. This is quick and easy domestic money-saving (they should make that into a Channel 4 show…)

Washing Line

Dry things using air

Hey guys, the sun is almost shining! There may be a 60 minute break in the clouds and rain! You know what this means? It means it is time to air dry your clothes. Seriously. As well as leaving your clothes super fresh and not smelling like wet dog, air drying saves you serious cash and the summer months is when to make the most of it.

Most people either use radiators to dry clothes on (which makes your jeans rock hard…) which costs huge amounts on heating. Even worse, Tumble dryers are ludicrously expensive, and there is no excuse to be using them at this time of year when the outdoors is totally free. So make the most of your sweet spot outside (Lea dries hers on the roof – it’s possibly) and you’ll be quids in).

Make your own cleaning products

Sounds dull I know, but you can make seriously effective cleaning products with cheap things from your kitchen and supermarket. They contain no nasties or chemicals, are cheap to make and most importantly are often way more effective than the over priced rubbish you can buy in the shops. Mr Muscle has nothing on your personal cleaning skills…

Need recipes and tips? Well Google is obviously your friend here but the lovely El over at A Thrifty Mrs has a huge range of How To posts on this including how to make a multi surface cleaning spray, how to clean with vinegar and how to clean with bicarb. It’ll change your life, honestly.


Batch cook

We’ve talked about this before, but seriously, get to it. Get up a week bit earlier on the weekends, make the most of the early sunrise and seriously plan your meals and cook in bulk. It’s cheaper, quicker and if you have something in the freezer to cook it’ll make a takeaway seem like even more of an indulgence than it already is.

Great ideas for batch cooking? bolognese, chilli, casseroles (hey, it is still quite chilly you know!), pasta sauces, soups and stews are perfect for this. You can make them cheaply and easily and your waistline and wallet will thank you for it.

What are your best domestic money-saving tips?

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