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1. Book an airbnb 

There are thousands of Scandi-chic flats for rent in Copenhagen on airbnb, and it really is the best way to stay in the city. It’s far cheaper than a hotel, and with so much choice you can be selective about exactly where you stay. Plus, with kitchens to cook in and living rooms to lounge in, you’ll have a much more relaxing holiday. It’s a total win-win. 

2. Be prepared to spend

Copenhagen is NOT a cheap city so be prepared to flash the cash on your trip. If you do some research there are cheaper things to do and places to eat, but with pints regularly ranging up to £7 and even supermarket food being a bit costly, it’s hard to avoid. If you’re a hardcore Londoner, you might not notice as it’s not really more than city centre prices but if you’re a thrifty type then brace yourself! 

little mermaid in copenhagen

3. Visit the Little Mermaid 

One of the major tourist destinations in the city, it’s worth taking a trip to see the Little Mermaid. You can’t not, when you’re in the city for the first time. I thought she looked a little sad, but I’m glad we paid her a visit. 

4. Dine out on street food 

As with all cool cities, Copenhagen has a thriving street food scene and it’s definitely worth checking out on your trip. It’s cheaper than a meal out, and a whole lot more fun! Get yourself down to Torvehallerne during the day to browse over 60 stalls of fresh produce and ready-to-eat snacks – it’s like a mini Borough Market with some great finds to be had. The real party’s down at Copenhagen Street Food – an old warehouse next to the water crammed full with street food vans and bars. Soak up the atmosphere inside and mingle with the beautiful people at big canteen-style tables, or grab a deckchair and sip your cocktail sat next to the sea. 

copenhagen street food

5. Sit on a swing 

If you’re feeling flush, then book a table at Sticks ‘n’ Sushi in the Tivoli Hotel. Not only do they have some of the finest sushi ever in the city, you can also take a seat on one of their swings to enjoy their range of cocktails and beers. At the top of one of the tallest buildings in the city, the view is incredible and it’s the perfect place to watch the sun set. 

6. Play in Tivoli Gardens 

In true Copenhagen-style, this tourist attraction manages to be beautiful, classy and super fun all at the same time. The inspiration for Walt Disney in creating Disneyworld, it’s a small amusement park right in the centre of the city full of rides, arcade games and restaurants. You have to pay to get in, and again to use the rides, but it’s absolutely beautiful with gorgeous gardens and so much to look at – a total wonderland. Plus, you can get candy floss – so it’s a winner in my book. Definitely worth a visit!  

tivoli gardens

7. Discover craft beers 

Craft beer is having a moment right now, and if you’re into the craze then Copenhagen is definitely the place to try some more! You’ll love Mikkeller, a pared-back underground bar with at least 20 craft brews to sample but you’ll find some interesting beers pretty much everywhere you go. 

8. Have a hipster night out 

Hang with the hipsters in the meat-packing district and you’ll feel like you’ve cracked the cool factor once and for all. Kødbyen is full of uber-hip bars and restaurants – from Warpigs where barbecue is king to Mother, which is rumoured to do the best pizzas in the city. Get in early if you’re feeling hungry – waiting times can be up to an hour on a weekend – and make sure to hit more than one of the venues on your night out. 

9. Go on a bike ride 

The first thing you notice when you arrive in Copenhagen is just how many bikes there are. There are dedicated cycle lanes on all major roads and bikes stacked along all the buildings. It’s the perfect way to get around the city, and you’ll feel like a real local. 

10. Drink coffee 

The Danish are big into coffee culture and there are coffee shops everywhere you look. They take their coffee seriously, so you’re almost guaranteed a good cup wherever you go. Sit outside on one of the major streets and watch the world go buy as you enjoy your cup – it’s the perfect way to experience the city! 

Do you have any tips for things to do in Copenhagen?

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