Never Mind the Buzzcocks

It’s official, after nearly 20 years, 28 series, three main hosts and an uncountable amount of guest presenters, Never Mind the Buzzcocks has become the latest BBC show to be cancelled. That’s right, not repeats of Dad’s Army or The One Show, but Buzzcocks.

Chances are you’ve grown up with Buzzcocks without even knowing it. You could have grown up with a grumpy Mark Lamarr, the man with a face that looked like he never wanted to be there, or Simon Amstell, who brought his Popworld style to the Beeb. Or maybe you joined in during the Rhod Gilbert years….sorry about that.

Here are five things we’ve learnt from Never Mind The Buzzcocks…

Wannabe rockers are hilarious

Huey Morgan

If Buzzcocks did one thing right, it was making wannabe rockers and rebels look like misbehaving children throwing a tantrum. They were trying to be Mick Jagger, but they looked more like Uncle Mick drunk at another family party.

No one highlighted the ridiculousness of wannabe rockers like Simon Amstell, who managed not one, but TWO walk offs during his hosting stint. There was Preston off of the Ordinary Boys and the often forgotten Huey Morgan who smashed a mug because he’s such a bloody rebel.

Although nothing beat the pure bizarreness of Donny Tourette who, hold on to your hats and sit in the nearest chair for this shocker…lit a cigarette. Fight the system Donny!

Popstars always have either a weird new career or an album to plug

Spot Wagner from the X Factor…

Possibly one of the best parts of the show was the identity parade. Trying to find a popstar past their pop prime but needing some extra money or plugging their undersold tour or poorly performing album was always brilliant.

Over the years we saw Gina G, Cheryl Baker, members of the Wurzels, the lead singer of Katrina and the waves, Tinky Winky, Chico and Terry from East 17 amongst the world’s weirdest line up.

I genuinely recommend checking out this Wikipedia page which lists every Identity Parade guest, there’s some brilliant ones there, it’s like taking a time machine to the 90s towards the end.

Popstars aren’t always the brightest


Whether it’s forgetting the lyrics to their own songs in the Next Lines section (which happened more than it should have), not realising a joke was being made at their expense (yes Dappy, we’re talking about you), or sometimes not knowing who their own team mates were (step forward Dappy again who thought Martha Wainwright was Cerys Matthews), popstars did tend to make a right tit out of themselves sometimes, and when they did it was bloody fantastic.

Simon Amstell is a legend

Simon Amstell

Even though we had some great guest hosts over the years (Adam Buxton, Alex Horne and David Tennant being particular highlights), no one came close to Amstell.

He started as only being known as the sarcastic host of PopWorld who made Britney Spears cry, but by the end he’d taken the show in a better direction and made it his own. Yes it might have scared some potential guests away, but you knew the ones that were brave/stupid enough to take on Amstell were going to provide TV gold every time.

Amstell was witty, forgivably offensive, willing to push boundaries, never pandered to popstars who acted like Mariah and generally gave no shits. He was there to be funny, and he did a damn good job of it. Don’t believe me? You clearly haven’t seen this “best of” video.

Still miss Amstell? Check out his live stand up or his sitcom Grandma’s House. The first episode is based on how he told his mother he was leaving Buzzcocks and it’s flipping hilarious.

As is Phill Jupitus

phill jupitus

Whether it’s his ability to normally be the only one in the team capable of humming a tune in the intro round, or his suggestions to next lines, Phill Jupitus has been a steady team captain since the start. While his opponents have flaked like an annoying unreliable friend (three team captains! Three!), he’s stayed strong, albeit with a slight Paul Merton, “do I have to be here anymore” face.

Although the classic Jupitus came from this unusual lip-sync to No Air….love ya Phill.

And one more because I’m more of a rebel than Donny Tourette…

Noel Fielding is weird

Noel Fielding

Does this need any more explanation?

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