It’s June and the sun has come out. (Well, it’s shown its face a couple of times to be honest, but I’m trying to remain positive here…)

Although I’m as far from green-fingered as you can possibly imagine (too many insects and y’know, nature touching you and stuff) I have decided that now I’m a grown up it’s time to pull my socks up, strap a pair on and get out there and make my garden look nice.

I’m fairly lucky that my Landlord has kept both the front and rear gardens of my house low maintenance, being completely paved with only a couple of borders and pots housing a few (slightly worse for wear) bushes and shrubs. But, it’s definitely lacking some pizzazz and I really want to try and make it a little more homely and welcoming for these (they-damn-well-better-be) long, balmy summer months we have ahead of us.

I’m picturing sunny days with a glass of Pimm’s in hand and some meat sizzling away on the BBQ. Sounds like heaven, right?

Dunelm Mill Garden Decor The High Tea Cast
Dunelm Mill – clockwise from top left: wall clock £9.99, artificial hanging topiary ball £6.99, bronze metal cat and dog £9.99 each,  heart bird house £4.99

However, as always in the world of me, I’m skint. Broke. Brassick. Devoid of funds in the pocket. So, it’s time to shop clever and I’ve found some great places to get some garden bargains for the lazy gardener.

Homebase Garden Decor The High Tea Cast
Homebase – clockwise from top left: small slate mushroom £19.99, heart fruit feeder £6.99, small nesting box £6.99, solar garden lantern £12.99

Fake shrubs to keep maintenance to a minimum, bird and bee houses to help mother nature out a little bit, ornaments to add a little bit of personality, plus solar lighting and a chiminea for when the sun has started to go down but we’re not ready to retire back inside the house for the night.

Not On The High Street Garden Decor The High Tea Cast
Not On The High Street – artificial heather topiary ball £14.99, bee house £13.45, porcelain colour-changing solar table light £12, rusty metal letters £10

For someone like me, with a lack of love for getting up close and personal with creepy crawly critters and the mud and dirt of the outside world, adding items like these to a garden space is perfect – it brightens it up, makes it look loved and injects a little bit of your own personality without having to accidentally touch a spider.

Wilko Garden Decor The High Tea Cast
Wilko – string lights £10, galvanised watering can £5, small swirl chiminea £50, decorative wooden crates £20

Are you a green fingered god/goddess or are you a lazy gardener like me?

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