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This month’s post begins with a ridiculously terrifying question: How is it June already?!

It’s amazing how quickly this year is flying along and although this triggers some slight FOMO-style panic in me to keep on doing more, a large part of me is not so secretly ecstatic that summer is finally on its way. With delicious picnics and BBQs (ALL OF THE MEAT), lazy pub garden afternoons and the general happy London vibe that only comes out to play with the sunshine, it’s definitely my favourite time of year.

Obviously, all these wonderful summer activities are made even more fabulous with a cold glass of Pimm’s, chock full of fresh fruit, cool cucumber and that all important hint of mint. As my lovely friend Joey would point out, it isn’t summer until you’ve had your first Pimm’s of the year! So this month’s sweet thing is the perfect way to see in the sunshine and combines refreshing dessert with a lot of booze (which I always feel is pretty foolproof). Say hello and tip your summer hat to the Pimm’s Sorbet.

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Pimm's Sorbet
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  1. 250g fresh strawberries, chopped and stalks removed
  2. 175g cucumber, chopped
  3. 190g caster sugar
  4. 210ml cold water
  5. 1 250ml can of Pimms and lemonade
  6. 5 (or more!) shots of Pimms
  7. Fresh mint
  1. In a saucepan, gently heat the sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved and you’re left with syrupy water. Leave to cool.
  2. Using a blender or food processor, pulse together the strawberries, cucumber and about 14 mint leaves with half of the Pimms can until smooth.
  3. Pour the smooth mix into a sieve over a bowl and stir until all the liquid is in the bowl and you’re left with the pulp.
  4. In a plastic container, pour the fruit mix with the syrup water and add the Pimms. Pop it into the freezer for about an hour then remove and give it a good stir to keep the sorbet smooth and get rid of any large icy chunks. Put back into the freezer and repeat this step at intervals until you have a smooth sorbet texture and the mix is frozen.
  5. Serve with a sprig of mint, and summer is well and truly here.
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