The Bestie. That special someone who makes the word friend seem too teeny for just how amazing they are. Whether it’s your old school friend, someone you met at work, that neighbour or roomie, your sis or bro, or even the rents. The bestie is someone who knows you so well they’ll put up with and adore all the versions of you. Good and Bad. The stress moments and the panics. The chic city breaks together, cinema dates and drunken dancing days. The times when all you want to do is cry under a duvet and eat copius amounts of pic ‘n’ mix. The days when you need that extra motivation for a career change or inspiration to stay true to yourself. Basically, they know you inside out and love you inside out. Eternally. And we equally love these rays of sunshine.


Sometimes it’s easy to forget to tell this magic someone just how much they mean to you. It’s good not only for your bestie’s soul but for your wellbeing too. Taking some time out say thank you to your best friend and acknowledge this will add some sparkle to you both and keep a smile on your faces. The more creative the better.  After all, not everyone has a bestie like you. So you may as well make a song and dance about it.

Post it

Once a month, why not send a little parcel of goodies to your best friend? Make it one thing each month that says something about your friendship. A photo of that recent night out, a letter, a silly something you see out shopping that says us, a pair of tickets to see a show or a simple postcard saying You’re the best. It doesn’t have to be huge, just something that will surprise and leave a smile. Anticipating post is such a lovely feeling (unless it’s the gas bill) and its guaranteed to make you just as happy when you post it.

Knitted Bouquet

A fave idea of mine is sending a bouquet of knitted roses, a bespoke service by Double Ewe Designs. The bouquet lasts forever and is a permanent reminder of how much you mean to someone. What’s not to love?

Scrapbook it

Make a scrap book . Fill it with memories of your best friend’s brilliance and all the antics you get up to as a pair. Sentimental thoughts or daft outings, whatever takes your fancy. Embarassing events are definitely important – just keep the scrap book going and update it when you get time and it will soon be full of heaps of magic stuff. Loan it out to your best friend to add to it.

In years to come you will have a piece of your friendship that you can pull out and have a giggle at over a cup of tea and a fat slab of cake. Making the book will remind you both of all the memories you’ve shared together and give you a smile and a flutter each time you add to it. Writing down the things/people that make you happy helps keep the positives at the forefront of your day. Don’t forget to add the dodgy photos and selfie stick pics.

Be creative
Be creative

 It’s good for the soul

Cherishing times with the ones you love makes you a stronger and happier person. It’s easy to dwell on all life’s little shitty things when they’re thrown at you, because let’s face it there’s a lot of them. But focusing on that lovely friendship and how rich it makes you feel will definitely make the crappier days easier to deal with. Best friends do more than just be there for us, they’re a big part of who we are. Rather than have a large group of friends (which is great), sometimes it’s nice to have one or two special besties that you can rely on for anything. It enriches the soul and leads to a confident and loved you.

And If you haven’t found your bestie yet, the best stuff is still to come. Realising that’s what they are when it happens is a pretty awesome feeling. The rest is even more magic.

So make today your best friend’s day …and yours!

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