E.L. James recently unleashed Grey, the fourth part in the Fifty Shades trilogy, upon readers everywhere. Retelling the story of Fifty Shades of Grey from the perspective of mysterious philanthropist and millionaire, Christian Grey, the book has already been called the steamiest book ever by various sources.

Not sure how that works considering it touches a lot of the same ground as Fifty Shades of Grey, to be honest.

But if Grey (and the other parts in the series) have kindled your appetite for erotica (or your appetite to read something… well, better), I’ve got a couple of steamy book recommendations for you, depending on your tastes (singular or not).

WallbangerAliceClaytonWallbanger (by Alice Clayton)

Interior designer Caroline Reynolds has a nice new flat, two brilliant best friends and a KitchenAid mixer. What she doesn’t have? The big O, as her ability to orgasm has been mysteriously missing for some time now. What she also doesn’t have? The patience to lie in bed at night and listen to her neighbour and his seemingly endless succession of bed partners – especially because his bedroom is right next to hers, and judging from the banging on her walls at night, this noisy neighbour is annoyingly good in bed…

Alice Clayton (who’s Redhead series of books I can’t recommend enough) spins a highly funny, sparkling and sexy story in the first of her Cocktails series. The chemistry between Caroline and noisy neighbour, Simon Parker, is instant and sizzling. The banter between them is worth its weight in gold and the sexual connection will make your brain melt from moment one.

Bonus points times a hundred for the addition of the other man in Caroline’s life: her incredibly peculiar cat, Clive.

Tart (by Lauren Dane)

Juliet Lamprey owns a successful bakery called Tart, and she’s having the time of her life baking all kinds of deliciousness for her customers. When her childhood friend, Gideon Carter comes back into her life, the chemistry is as delicious as any of Jules’ cakes – which is bad news for local lawyer Cal Whaley, who is pained to see the woman he’s loved in silence for a long time get on so well with someone else. Sexually open but strictly monogamous, Cal knows that he needs to make his move now or risk losing Jules forever.

But what the trio hadn’t counted on was their intimate connection taking them to a whole new place of sexual discovery…

Tart is part two in Lauren Dane’s Delicious series, but it works as a stand-alone novel seeing as all three parts in the series revolve around different characters. The three-way relationship between Jules, Cal and Gideon burns up the pages with its hotness – plus, there are plenty of cake-related mentions. What’s not to love?

TangledEmmaChaseTangled (by Emma Chase)

Written from the point of view of a successful millionaire businessman, no less. Emma Chase’s debut novel (the first in the Tangled series) tells the story of the gorgeous, irresistible and arrogant Drew Evans. Normally full of charm and able to sweet talk his way through high-paying deals, Drew’s been in somewhat of a strange funk as of late… he’s been telling everyone he’s down with the flu, but the real reason is a woman named Kate Brooks. Recently hired by Drew’s father’s investment bank, she brings Drew unnerving professional competition, a distracting flutter in the stomach and an utter reluctance to be his next conquest.

Will Kate be the one to convince Drew that what he’s been claiming he never wanted (commitment being the answer, ladies and gents) is actually what he needs the most? It’s witty, it’s zingy, it’s full of moments that will make you feel very hot under the collar. And it’s the first in a series.

On Demand (by Justine Elyot)

Welcome to the Hotel Luxe Noir, where no-one cares what you do or whom you do it with… just as long as you have fun. The hotel’s new receptionist Sophie Martin chronicles the hedonistic escapades she witnesses from the hotel’s guests (and staff) on a daily basis, as well as her own growing attraction to the hotel’s hot boss…

Justine Elyot is one of the best British erotica writers out there, and her Black Lace classic On Demand is pretty much essential reading. It maintains a perfect balance of light and dark moments and Sophie’s the perfect pair of eyes through which to gaze at the decadence that’s unfolding at the Luxe Noir.

The Things that Make Me Give In (by Charlotte Stein)

Not a novel, but an anthology of erotica short stories, all written by the always awesome Charlotte Stein. The Things… deals with all kinds of scenarios from girls not afraid to get what they want, boys showing off their dark side, voyeurism, obsessions, dark desires… and so much more.

If you want to dip your feet further into the pool of straight-up erotica, but feel like taking it slowly, The Things that Make Me Give In is a perfect start. The stories are short, but pack a lot of heat in them, and Stein is a writer who will get you invested in her characters and their exploits and keep you invested, no matter how long or short the stories are.


The Boss (by Abigail Barnette)

Abigail Barnette (AKA blogger and author, Jenny Trout) initially wrote The Boss as a weekly online serial. It got so popular that for Abigail/Jenny, it was the start of a new lease on life and publishing, and now has several equally hot (and emotionally touching) sequels.

But The Boss is where it starts: Sophie Scaife, now working at a big time New York fashion magazine, almost ran away once. The one thing that stopped her from trading in her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo six years before was a one-night-stand with a stranger that set her sexuality alight.

When the stranger in question – billionaire and publishing magnate Neil Elwood – comes back into her life as her new boss, Sophie finds it hard to resist picking up where they left off. Getting another chance to explore her submissive side with the most dominant man she’s ever known is one that she’s reluctant to let go of. But when their friends-with-benefits relationship starts veering into something more, Sophie is left with hard choices to make…

PS – the Kindle edition of this book is available for free. Hint hint.


The Original Sinners series (by Tiffany Reisz)

Yes, the title of this post does refer to seven books, and if you add all the books in the Original Sinners series to that it would be fourteen. But it’s my post, and I can cheat. So there.

To explain the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz in three paragraphs would be a bit of an injustice to the story, because there’s such a huge amount of it that what you really need to do is read all of it. It’s not going to be everyone’s kinky cup of tea (and kink there is plenty) but it’s a world that so utterly addicting, you can’t help but want to continue reading. Part thriller, part drama, part comedy, all emotionally devastating.

The first book in the series, The Siren, is where you’d need to start. It introduces the world of the Original Sinners through the eyes of Zachary, an editor who’s reluctantly assigned to work with notorious erotica writer Nora Sutherlin. Having had his share of personal problems in the last few months and years, Zach can’t see Nora as anything but another addition to the trouble roster – but as the six weeks he has set her to complete the edits for the book go on, Zach is pulled deep into Nora’s secret world, a world that makes it clear that Nora doesn’t just write erotica, she lives it.

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