The world is a tough place at times for us girls, so I thought I would share a collection of the nine most useful life hacks I’ve found on the wonderful digital land of the internet…

1. Quit crushing your bras

You know the drill; all your bras and pants stuffed into a drawer and every time you need a specific one, every damn thing has to come out of the drawer to find it! Try hanging then all over hangers, that way you can see them clear as day! 

how to organise your bras

2. Make flat shoes comfy

Pop a pair of socks on, chunky knit ones if possible, then slip on the shoes and gently warm the shoes with a hairdryer. This will soften the leather and as you’re wearing the socks the shoes will fit as wide as the socks have made the shoes, making them comfy! Ta Da!

make flat shoes comfortableimage via

3. Neat cables

Travel a lot and seem to spend 89% of your time searching for, or untangling cables from chargers and headphones? Well worry not, just pop them into a hard back sunglasses case. Makes them easy to find and stops them tangling.

sunglasses case hack

4. Ice cube tray organisation

As much as I love swanky looking jewelery organisation, what I actually want is something practical to stop me losing rings and earrings. Welcome to the game, IKEA ice cube trays. They’re perfect size and have compartments to keep them organised and safe. 

ice cube tray organiserimage via

5. Stop fingers turning green

Bring on the bling, that’s what I say! However it’s more high street than high end, which ends up turning my fingers green. Not really the look I’m going for. So now I paint the inside of the ring with clear nail polish to stop the delightful green tinge. 

stop fingers turning green

6. Refresh jeans without washing

If you’re anything like me then you spend an inordinate amount of time wearing jeans, which means unless you want to be washing them every few days and then fighting to get them back to the perfect fit, they can get a little less than fresh. Pop them in a plastic bag, wrapped tightly and pop in the freezer over night, it will neutralise the smells but keep the fit just right. 

makeup tool storage

7. Stop losing hair grips

Seriously, where do these little fuckers go? I wonder how many I’ve lost over the last year, let alone the last ten years! I also seem to misplace tweezers with too much ease. Add a magnetic strip to your bathroom wall or by your dressing table and voila – you have no excuse to misplace them. 

makeup tool storage

8. How to pack dirty shoes

Managed to cram a heap of walking into your city break, but have mucky shoes that you need to pack? Most hotels have shower caps; pop your shoes inside them and then on the bottom of your case to make sure all the muck is kept safely away from your other clothes. 

shoe packing hack

9. Keep wine cool

Surely the most important thing! Like your wine cold but hate watering it down with ice? Freeze some grapes and throw those bad boys into your wine glass to keep it chilled but not diluted. Thank me later! 

chill wine with grapes


Hope some of these help make life just that little bit easier. Know any life hacks? Head down to the comment box and share the love! 

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