For this month’s crafty feature, I got inspired by this post on Buzzfeed.  I love to customise a top, and I adore the uniqueness of all these different types of t-shirts.  As a pale skinned Brit I’m not a fan of the random tan lines these shirts could give you, but I really liked the idea behind them.  How can you turn an old and meh tee into something new and shiny?

Bias binding top

It made me think about what I had in my stash of craft stuff that I could use to revamp an old top (recycling and upsizing – how very vogue).  Here are two easy ideas I have used this year.

Bias binding

I love bias binding, it’s a simple way to hem a top with out hemming it.  I used plain white in my simple summer top tutorial but you can buy funky coloured bias binding that you could use for anything.

Old top and bias binding

So I grabbed an old vest top, I cut the neckline from the vest top. I cut as close to the bias binding already on the top so I didn’t lose too much fabric.

Pin the bias binding

I then pinned the bias binding to the neckline and sewed the first side to the neckline (see below)

neatly sewn bias binding


I then turned the bias binding and sewed along the other side.

Close up of the bias binding
Close up of the bias binding neckline


Off the Shoulder

I really like off the shoulder tops too (I’m an 80s child at heart), and I found this youtube tutorial really easy to follow.  I used this video to convert an old tee into a sassy one shoulder top. There is something quite satisfying about cutting into your tee shirt. I have to admit it looks better when you use a slightly larger or man’s sized tee, though I am proud to represent my city! 

off the shoulder top

Get scissor happy with your tees and it’s a cheap way to re-vamp your wardrobe for summer without spending all the pennies.  

Will you try these ideas or try your own?

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