One of my favourite DJs, DJ Dubl, recently sat down with one of my favourite artists, Shakka, to talk about musical collaborations, Star Wars vs Star Trek and everything in between. When asked about the inspiration behind his latest EP, Shakka said the following:

The Lost Boys EP is about embracing ‘Airplane Mode’. It’s about disconnecting from the world and remembering that life exists outside of Twitter and Instagram, and the internet connection you have….

That part of the interview stopped me in my tracks and got me thinking….

People are much more sociable when the weather warms up, and with that comes a flood of extra updates across social media. Whether it’s being outstretched on a piece of grass or enjoying a rooftop cocktail, people love to share when they are enjoying the sunshine. Is the sharing all part of the fun? Or could summer be just as enjoyable if experienced offline? I’m inclined to think that it could be.

Childhood memories of summer

My Old Skool Summer
A family day in the park circa 1983. And I STILL love ice-cream!

I have fond memories of my summer holidays as a child. I rode my bike with my sister, played computer games, and laughed with my cousins until I could barely breathe. Admittedly, if you were to ask me the exact dates and times certain things took place, I would be fuzzy on those details. But not having an exact time stamp doesn’t make the memories, or the feelings I get when retelling the stories any less valid. We didn’t have the technology that we have now, so could not capture stills of the moments as easily. But you know what? Simply living them, experiencing them and appreciating them in those moments was enough for us.


Ice Cream Van
Ice-cream van songs were music to our ears back in the day….

Social media in itself is a filter. Even without realising it, we miss tiny, seemingly insignificant details around us in our quest to capture perfection through a lense. Our constant need to share our experiences can sometimes mean we actually miss those experiences as they happen, which is sad for many reasons. Summer seemed like forever when we were running around in our back gardens and pestering our parents for change for the ice-cream van. Now? It never quite seems long enough. For this reason, we should savour every, single moment of it. Every taste, smell, sight and sound, and we should trust our senses to be able to ‘record’ these moments too.

Could you embrace Airplane Mode and have an‘Old Skool’ Summer?

Airplane mode
Take a ‘holiday’ from it all. Embrace Airplane Mode!

During his interview with Dubl, Shakka set everyone a challenge. “I dare you to meet up with some of your friends and at 12pm, put phones on Airplane Mode and enjoy life” he said. The challenge would end at 8pm when everyone would be permitted to switch Airplane Mode off.
Imagine that? A full 8 hours off the grid. What undocumented mischief could you get up to in that time? Better yet, keep planning to a minimum. The best days are the spontaneous ones, and when you look back on your childhood summer memories, who had a plan? I certainly didn’t! You were young, carefree and went wherever your feelings at the time compelled you to! Although we cannot turn the clock back and may have more things to worry about now as adults, every now and again, it’s worth letting our hair down, saying ‘Fuck it!’ and releasing ourselves from the ANTI-social media prison that we have confined ourselves to. Embrace Airplane Mode, or as DJ Dubl called it, LIFE Mode.

How will you be embracing ‘Airplane Mode’ this summer?

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