It’s the end of July. Decent mainstream TV is starting to dwindle and the nights are starting to draw in. There is now only one thing that stands between us and the onslaught of Autumn: The Great British Bake Off. Oh and August, but that’s not quite such a dramatic setup.

Social media has been ablaze with excitement since little nuggets of GBBO’s sixth series advertising have been dropped. As usual the understated mastermind of the teasers have hit the spot and it’s getting everyone excited.

In order to pass the time between now and the series starting I have put together a definitive list of the very best moments of Great British Bake Off to date. So let us begin, in no particular order:

(Please note: all puns ARE intended)

The Mary Berry effect


Yes, Mary Berry, the fashionista that she is, managed to help M&S sell out of this jacket online within half an hour of appearing in it on episode seven of series 5. Since the dawn of GBBO time Mary has been showing off her fashion prowess with some pretty impressive jacket offerings and I for one hope that it doesn’t stop nest series. Go Bezza!

The squirrel


This little chap caused a right stir throughout series two. I honestly can’t see why……..

All I’m saying is that he has a big stock of nuts.

James’ Barn


James Morton, of series three fame, had a way of turning his colossal bakes around. His attitude bordered on the edge of flippant and made a real show of the cryers that year. His outstandingly relaxed attitude earned him huge brownie points and clearly gave him a huge advantage….especially with his Gingerbread barn. Disaster-cum-artful masterpiece.

The cake drop


There are little moments in baking that you can compare to a nightclub, but Rob Billington’s cake drop was the closets we’ll ever get. When the bakers are fiddling with their cakes and you can just start to see the moment where it’s going to go. It’s going to fall! OH MY GOD HE’S GOING TO DROP THE – awwww, he didn’t drop it. A little part of you is frustrated. But good ol’ Rob dropped the beat hard. The momentum built, the cake edged to the fall, the DJ built it up then BOOM. Cake meet floor.

It is possibly the most satisfying moment of Bake off to date. Rob Billington: Just a wicked dropper, a wicked cake dropper.

Cat’s dough throw


Series three seemed to be the start of the noticeable friendships between the bakers. Gone were the sideways glances and narrowed eyes (I’m looking at you Holly Bell), and in came the genuine support for each other. The most prominent of all the friendships was that of the Catherine’s and Sarah-Jane’s. Both incredibly sweet women, both incredibly caring and supportive. Which made it even worse when Sarah-Jane encouraged a new kneading technique on Catherine. After throwing her dough half way across the tent in what can only be described as the best slapstick moment of the programmes history we could only sit and watch as the pair reassured and apologised to each other. It was like watching two small girls at nursery. So damned cute.

Howard’s stolen custard


This only just avoids the realms of suspicion. Of course it’s hard to tell the difference between two bowls of custard….unless one is chocolate and the other is vanilla. So, I think, Deborah could be forgiven and it all be chalked up as a mistake. I mean the woman cried for cake’s sake.

The Bincident

The most recent of all the GBBO’s best moments was Bingate. Diana left Ian’s ice cream out of the freezer for “only a minute” on one of the hottest days of the year. Ian got angry, Diana responded with an infuriating “It’s your own fault”, and the bake went in the bin.


Technically speaking Ian shouldn’t have gotten this angry. It was (sort of) salvageable. But with Diana’s response of “you have a freezer closer to you” and the knowledge of the pressure baking can put on you even in a normal kitchen I have to say his response was tame. I’d have thrown the bloody thing at her. Then thrown hers on the floor. Then shouted at her. Then probably have dropped to the floor in uncontrollable, inappropriate tears. So he did pretty well to be fair.


This one cause waves across the airwaves and sent social media into a Team Ian, Team Diana frenzy. I have to say, even to date, I am still Team Ian. I’d have believed it was an accident if she hadn’t of said those fatal words: “You have a freezer closer to you”. I’m sure this is more Freezer-spacegate than bingate.

“I Can’t watch”

Quite easily my favourite Bake Off duo to date (Mel and Sue aside). Sealed by the time they watched Howard’s great filo pie removal. Not helpful guys. Funny. But not helpful.

Mel’s Marsala Mistake


Without Mel and Sue the Bake Off would not be the success it is. Let’s face it, these ladies bring the comedy gold and make it ok to be entirely besotted with a show about baking. Their reassuring thievery of cake batter, left over macaron shells and mousse pretty much emulates kids in a sweet shop – and is frankly what everyone sat home watching would want to do too. Amusing though it is, it is even funnier when the bakes bite back. Which is why this oil spray mix up goes down in bake off history. Look at her face.

Mary and the non-homemade fondant.


I love nothing more than when a contestant pisses off a judge. Usually it’s Paul but fondantgate was Bezza and it was brilliant. It looked as though he had eaten her grandchildren when he uttered that he hadn’t made it. Pure.TV.Gold.

All of Sue Perkins Innuendos

I’m just going to leave this list here:


 “The Male Judge”

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until: 08/10/2014 - Programme Name: The Great British Bake Off - TX: 08/10/2014 - Episode: n/a (No. 10) - Picture Shows: +++PUBLICATION OF THIS IMAGE IS STRICTLY EMBARGOED UNTIL 2101 HOURS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 8TH, 2014+++ Mary Berry, Nancy, Paul Hollywood - (C) Love Productions - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon nancy birtwhistle from barton

When Nancy, winner of series five, referred to Paul as “the male judge” you could almost hear the apparent ego crumble. There is an assumption that Mr Hollywood is a teensy bit arrogant…..and it was never more apparent than this moment. But look…they’re all still mates. Aahhhh.

John’s finger chop 


Series three is apparently renowned in the production for being the bloody year. By the time the series ended each of the baker’s had badly sliced themselves open at least once, but none quite so bad as John. Soldiering on John slipped on a glove to prevent a bit of blood run when his plaster wouldn’t stick, but the blood kept on coming, resulting in a Walking Dead meets Bake Off moment. Mmmmm blood cake. YUM.

 So there it is. The moments to top all moments in the tent. The date of the bake off starting has finally been announced (all the squees!) as WEDNESDAY 5tTH AUGUST. I can be found waiting next to my TV with my thumb over the Record button and a slice of cake in hand…..oh, and maybe an Extra Slice.

 Oh no she didn’t!

Anyone else a little bit too excited about GBBO?  

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