Episode 2.29

It’s our favourite time of year. It isn’t Christmas (which comes in a close second) but the glory that is festival season. We always wait until August to get going to our favourite (Reading) and this week you’ll mostly be finding us knee deep in mosh pits, tents and Barcardi Oakheart. 

It’s all we can think about to be honest, because we really need some time off. But never fear, if festivals aren’t your thing, we’ve got laughs and banter a plenty as per usual, and we’ll even be teaching you some Sex Ed facts at the end!


We’ve got:

  • Fitness woes (I mean who really has the time anyway), travel insurance issues and a whole host of other whinges.
  • The 3 Cuckoos Podcast are back, and they don’t understand what us ladies take into the bathroom.
  • The countdown is on, because this week we make our annual pilgrimage to Reading Festival. We’ve got our packing lists, who we are going to see, what booze we are taking and our favourite festival memories to share with you!
  • And finally, we got down with our weekly quiz – this time Sam quizzes Lea using a legit sex education test.

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