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We’ve all been there. You get to the hotel and realise you’ve left a few important belongings at home, or that it’s a little less luxurious than you remember the website presenting it to be. Sometimes you’ve just got to make the best of a bad situation, which is exactly what these handy hotel hacks will do for your next trip. Take note!

1. Forgotten your shaving foam?

Conditioner is the ultimate beauty product and it’s always hanging around in hotel bathrooms. You can use it in place of shaving foam, and it makes skin super soft too. It’s even a perfect replacement for make-up remover.

2. Not enough plugs?

The problem with going away these days is having so many items to charge – digital cameras, tablets, and phones, even charging packs! Here’s a little secret…most TVs have a USB port on the side for extra charging space.

3. There is such a thing as a free lunch

Take your bag down to breakfast with you and make the most of that buffet brimming with pastries. You can even make a few sarnies and pack them away for lunch.

hotel hacks free lunch

4. Iron + tin foil = grilled cheese

One of the best hotel hacks ever invented. Once you’ve nabbed a bit of bread and cheese from the breakfast buffet, ask the restaurant to let you borrow some tin foil and start making some awesome snacks in your room. Make a cheese sandwich, wrap it in the foil and use the heated iron to grill it for a couple of minutes each side. Yum!

5. Hotels were built for forts

All those sheets, pillows and towels are perfect materials for making forts. Keep the little ones entertained on a rainy day, or if you don’t have kids, make one just ‘cause it’s an awesome idea.

6. Showers make brilliant steamers

Hotel doesn’t have an iron? Didn’t have space to pack one? Hotel showers are brilliant at making a steam room. Hang your clothes up (just not in the tub ok?), have a shower and let the steam do its magic.

7. No straighteners needed

While conditioner does the trick for shaving foam, body lotion is ideal for taming frizzy hair in those humid climates. Just rub a little through frazzled locks and they’ll be glossy in no time.

8. Stinky room?

Stick a dryer sheet over the radiator or air conditioning unit as a makeshift air freshener. You can even pack more sheets in your suitcase to keep it smelling sweet despite all the dirty laundry.

9. Shower caps for swimsuits

If you’ve been making use of the hotel pool and don’t want your bikini to dampen everything in your suitcase, just stick it inside a shower cap. Simple!

10. Dodgy area?

Stick the Do Not Disturb sign on your handle when you’re out and you’ll feel a bit more security. Potential troublemakers will think you’re still in.

hotel hacks free wifi

11. Get free Wi-Fi

Hotel charging you for Wi-Fi? Download the Foursquare app; sometimes previous guests will pop restaurant and room passwords in the reviews.

12. Keep stuff charging

When you have to take your room key out with you, stick a business card or old debit card in the slot and you’ll be able to continue charging electrical items you need to while you’re out.

13. The ultimate hustle

If you’re in a city for the day and street parking costs a fortune, drive to a 5* hotel and tell them you’re there for a wedding appointment. They should park your car for free, or if not, for a small charge much cheaper than day parking.

Do you have any hotel hacks of your own?

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