Waking up feeling tired is something that most of us can relate to, and if you can’t relate to it you probably bathe in the blood of the innocent and levitate around your home every night. If that isn’t your method, please feel free to share your secret, as it gets tiresome having the first instinct of the day being to sob expletives to your alarm. I digress, fucking alarm.

But if I am tired every morning, maybe in the afternoon and most evenings, try thinking of it from the perspective of my other half. She suffers from a condition called Fibromyalgia, which to try and put it briefly means she suffers from chronic fatigue and as a result is often in a fair bit of pain and just trying to get through the day. This is a condition that can go into remission, but until that day hopefully comes, my weary arse will have to be the energetic part of the duo.

Gluten free supermarket

After doing some research on how to improve energy levels, the better half found out that eliminating gluten from your diet can have a real impact on levels of fatigue and can make life that little bit easier. The problem is, if you are as oblivious as me, it turns out that gluten is in just about everything. If you were to take my diet and say I had to stop eating anything with gluten in, lets put it this way, I’d die.

I know there are gluten free substitutes available, but I’d still die. You see gluten free food is toxically priced and is essentially nutritional extortion. They should call their allergen section “Gluten far from free”. Which is even more insulting when the majority of things taste like shite when compared to the yummy glutonlicious variety.

Instead of the 50p pack of pasta you can acquire from ASDA, their gluten far from free section will sell you a smaller pack for triple the price. Want a cheap pack of biscuits for a couple of low denomination coins? Fuck that noise, you owe a couple of quid for that privilege. But Warburtons seriously took the gluten free biscuit for me when shopping by selling a pack of 4 crumpets for a whopping £2. That is 50p per sodding crumpet, and when 50p can normally get you about 6 tastier crumpets, this is a punch to both your stomach and your wallet.

gluten free rip off
Behold, £63 worth of crumpets

In a strange way my girlfriend is lucky that she doesn’t have any serious aversion to gluten and is trying to cut it out in order to improve her day to day energy levels. Some people aren’t that lucky and can suffer quite a violent reaction to the intake of gluten. Either way you look at it, if you want to cut gluten out of your diet altogether you are going to be held hostage financially for sub par tasting crap. I understand that the cost setup is different and things are made in lower quantities, but surely there could be some financial incentive for providing essential nutrition to people who can’t live properly without it. Maybe I am just naïve.

If the gluten free diet helps and energy levels rise, it will be worth it despite the cost. But the crap gluten intolerant people have to deal with is beyond the pale and I know on some level she hopes the diet doesn’t work so she can go back to eating the delicious treats that taunt her every time we go shopping. I know this to be true as I was just eating pizza and she cried into her gluten free pesto and gluten free pasta substitute “oh god I fucking miss gluten”.

Do you have any dietary tips on how to boost energy levels? Seriously, having been thrown into the situation, we’d love to hear them!

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