One thing I hear, time and again, is “I want to be more creative, I just can’t justify the expense”.

The truth is, you don’t need money to get creative. There are thousands of free online workshops to help you build your skills and endless free ways to create a stash of supplies (grab my free guide here)

On top of that, there are endless creative hobbies that simply don’t cost a thing to enjoy:

Art Journaling

An art journal is essentially a book filled with you, your feelings, your experiments and your experiences. They generally contain both writing and art, but some people prefer to include more of one than the other.


I understand the impulse to splurge on twinkly paints and quirky stickers and fun collage packs, but really, all you need to get started is a pen, a pad, and something to add colour. The rest is just a bonus.


Retro Analogue Nikon FM2 Film Camera Front 2

Nowadays you don’t need fancy equipment to snap photos that really ZING. Smart phones are a God send on this front, and are the only tool you need to snap, edit and share your pics. If you fancy giving photography a go, why not challenge yourself to a 30 day Instagram challenge?



The only supplies you need to write a pen, a piece of paper and an idea. Don’t want to waste your pennies on stationery (weirdo)? Start a free blog and get those words out for nothing!


picnic food

Ok, so cooking isn’t exactly free, but you’d be buying food anyway, so it kind of counts. Test out a new recipe or play Ready, Steady, Cook to come up with something totally delish. Find yourself a little bit of inspiration here.

Rug making

Cut up your old bedding and clothing, then use the scraps to create a personal touch for your home. I like to make rag rugs, just like my Granny taught me, but these ones look fun too.


To be honest, I could probably sit here and list inexpensive creative hobbies all day, but instead I’m going to STOP and tell you to go play!

Oh, before you go, what’s your favourite way to get creative when you’re strapped for cash?

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