Do you ever find yourself stuck in one of those weird phases, a life rut so to speak? Every now and then I find myself feeling a bit burnt out and cynical and searching for something to bring my positivity back.

When I feel that way I always turn to a few favourite books for some inspiration – here are 4 great books that will change the way you think…

4 books that will change the way you think

 1. The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin

This book follows Gretchen’s quest to bring more happiness to her life by creating monthly happiness projects or goals. It has loads of great facts about how to become happier and also lots of ideas about how you can bring a bit more positivity and joy to your own life. 

2. How To Be Interesting – Jessica Hagy

I re-read this book at least twice a year because it’s ACE. It’s mostly filled with these life-affirming venn diagrams which makes it super easy to read but that doesn’t mean that the advice that fills the pages isn’t top notch. The sort of read that wants to make you embrace who you are and kick ass.


3. Thrive – Arianna Huffington

Written by the ball busting founder of The Huffington Post, this book serves as a reminder that happiness isn’t solely attributed to career success or monetary wealth. Arianna talks candidly about her own experiences and focuses particularly on the pressures that women face as they try to balance careers and personal lives in this day and age. A good one if you’re feeling burnt out from work and need a fresh perspective. 

4. The Art of Being Brilliant – Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker

This one is my all time fave. The two Andys take some big concepts from the field of positive psychology and translate it into plain old common speak English, complete with jokes and humorous drawings. It’s a great big reminder that we are all brilliant and that our attitude to life directly correlates to our success and happiness. 

Do you have any go to books that inspire you when you’re feeling a bit out of it? Leave us a comment if you have any recommendations!

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