I recently organised a baby shower for my boss, and spent a lot of time wondering what could I give as a gift. After speaking to my friends who have children, one thing they’ve told me is that you can never have enough bibs, so I thought I would get my craft on and make some for the little one.

I googled bib patterns to have a look at what was on the internet and I found this great one from NanaCompany.  I love how it’s wider around the babies neck so it can handle as many food skills as possible!  Seeing as my boss runs a cupcake shop, I got some cupcake fabric (I just bought a pack of fat quarters from a local haberdashery, but you can easily pick up something similar locally to you or online).

pattern and fabric

I printed out the pattern and then cut it out of an overlocker pamphelt to make it stronger as I had to cut so many pieces out.  I put all the fabric I wanted in a pile and cut them out in one go.  I should have left an 1/4″ gap around the pattern (oops, always read the instructions guys!). In this case I just had a smaller seam allowance so it still worked out.

You will need:

  • Pattern and pattern pieces (as above)
  • Fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Popper, button or velcro
  • Pins

To make:

1. Cut out your fabric and leave a 1/4″ seam allowance.  

Card pattern

2. Put right sides together, pin and sew, leaving a small gap. Turn the bib right side out and iron.

right sides facing

3. Hand stitch the opening closed, and topstitch all the way around the bib as below.


3. Add a popper, button or velcro to the top of the bib as a fastening. 

two types of fastening

4. Admire your finished handiwork!

the three I made

What have you made for a baby shower? What are your best baby present ideas? (We’ve got more baby craft ideas and baby clothing on the blog).

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