As the days fly by and Christmas approaches at a worrying pace, the temperatures have begun to drop and nights are growing longer. But it’s not as bad as it may seem. Sure you may go to work in the dark, leave in the dark and the only light you get is from the fluorescent glow of the strip lighting of your office. But is winter really all that bad?

There are plenty of reasons to welcome the approaching winter months with well insulated arms 

1. Toasted pants

Possibly the greatest pleasure of winter is the wonder of radiator pants. Nobody likes waking up to a chilly morning, but being able to leap into some pre heated pantaloons manages to take the edge off any crappy day. 

toasty pants
As Russell Howard said, it’s like the world’s cuddling your soul

2. Wax on, wax off

While not applicable to myself as I dare harm my carefully cultivated leg forests, because of pesky preservation orders. But as the temperatures drop and the layers increase, there is less of an urge to reach for the razor or wax strips. Or so I’m told.

3. Chocolate au hot

Enjoying a cuppa of hot choc is always a bright spot, but not exactly the beverage of the day during the summer months. Considering no one can ever be happy about the temperature as it’s always too hot or too cold, you might as well take the perks of the frosty conditions and enjoy regular mugs of molten choc.

hot choc

4. Hibernating

As your house becomes a radiator heated cocoon sheltering you from the arctic tundra outside, snuggling up on the sofa with a special other or a book will become your life as your hibernation begins.

5. The most important birthday

 As Christmas approaches, everyone starts thinking about the most important birthday of the year. November 19th, my birthday. Cards and cash are welcome. 

6. Christmas parties and food comas

A year wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to blow off a little steam and get drunk, preferably with your work picking up the bill. Not only that, it is the time of year to indulge in order to protect yourself from the winter woes and lapse into food comas that end around spring time. Besides, the weightloss resolutions and empty gym memberships start in January, you might as well get a couple of months of excess in.

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