Rain feels pretty hydrating too
The rain feels pretty hydrating too

I’ll never forget the day I started running. It was a cold autumn day in 2013, more precisely at around 7pm on the 4th of November. 707 days ago, to be exact. But who’s counting?

It was freezing, so I’d put on a thermal long-sleeved top under the Nike t-shirt that I’d been given however many Christmases ago, and hurried down to the seafront.

I remember running into the cold sea air for the first time, feeling like there was something so magical about it. For the next two months I’d come home on a late evening or before the sun would rise with rosy cheeks from the wind, or drenched like a drowned rat from the torrential rain.

Either way, I’d always love it. The cold made me run faster, because the faster I ran, the warmer I’d get and the sooner I’d be able to jump into a scolding hot shower and stay there watching my feet turn bright red from the heat. But it felt so good.

I took these runs for granted as I’d never run in the summer, so it wasn’t until the next year that I realised how autumn is the perfect time for running.

You can’t beat the autumn scenery either

In fact, I almost stopped in the summer altogether because I couldn’t bear the heat. Every run felt like a struggle – my pace would drop and I’d be powering through each and every one like it was the end of a shit race.

But come autumn, everything changed. I’d put on base-layers and thermal tights and go out running in the dark under the street lights with only a few people in sight.

You see, running in the summer is impossible where I live – unless you fancy making your way through the slowest-walking tourists who insist on walking side-by-side until you do a very loud apology (but you’re totally not sorry) so they’ll get out of the way.

But if it’s cold, and preferably raining, the streets will be yours to excitedly run around and through all the puddles like you did when you were a kid – at least if you’re in the UK (“we can’t go to the shops – it’s raining! How will we ever eat?!”).

I always thought rain felt pretty hydrating too. At least if you stick your tongue out. And when it gets really cold, when autumn turns into winter, you’ll barely even break a sweat.


Do you love running in the Autumn?

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