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So the Bake Off is over for another year, cue sad face and hours spent watching reruns on the Good Food channel. Avid fans will be setting reminders for the Masterclass and Christmas episode that will now follow. Extreme fans will be trawling through social media looking for the GBBO stars’ accounts or even better…their blogs *waves hand in the air*. 


However, extreme fans – and the rest of you likely lot, trawl not! I have done the hard work for you. THESE are the GBBO blogs you should be following (broken down by series, because yes I am just that sad, and yes, I am devastated it’s over for another year):

Series 6:


Seemingly the only one of this series who currently has a blog (give it time….). This blog started around July 2014 so is a real document of Flora’s food ventures. This is one of the most blog like blogs and has the same air of love and dedication to it that small time bloggers do.


Series 5:


This incredibly down to earth blog reads pretty much exactly how you’d imagine it sounds in Richard’s head. An excellent blog with cracking humour. 



Another of the “small time blogger” blogs. Jordan is keeping us up to date on his baking exploits…albeit periodically. Ideal for an occasional blog reader. 

Series 4:


Hurrah for bloggy type blogs! Beca’s blog is still so blog-ish that it still has a wordpress URL. Even at the dizzying heights of a Welsh presenter it’s good to read that Beca’s feet are still firmly on the ground with the rest of us!


This has got to be, by far and away, one of the best blog names to exist. is Kimberly’s brain child and has an interesting twist to psychology to it. 

Series 3:


So this may be a little more “Professional website” and less “blog” BUT it does include a lot of his bakes, and frankly, John is my favourite so he had to be on this list. 

Other Great British Bake Off stars that blog


These blogs are all slightly more commercial and definitely err on the side of website, BUT they are no less fix worthy and are definitely worth a glance:

Series 5:




Series 4:


Series 2:


Series 1:


Who will you be stalking now Bake Off’s finished?

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