Halloween is my favourite time of year. Christmas is special and I always go all out for my birthday but Halloween carries a very special place in my heart. It may be because I love all things horror or because it’s a dark, cosy time of year. Either way I start planning my Halloween almost a year in advance. I have celebrated this day in so many ways over so many years that I decided to compile the 7 best ways to celebrate Halloween:

Go clubbing

I often have a night out to celebrate Halloween as it’s great seeing all the different costumes that people have chosen. Also there’s alcohol and music and dancing. And did I mention alcohol? 

Have a night out

No alcohol involved here (unless you need it to steady your nerves) but why not have a night out at a horror-themed event. Theme parks usually put on scary horror houses and you get to go on the rides in the darkness or simply head to the cinema; I’m sure Paranormal Activity 17 will have been released.

Wear a costume

If you don’t dress up, personally, I think you’re a party pooper. The best part about Halloween is getting the chance to zombie up. Think white face paint, lots of fake blood and shredded clothes. Or how about a witch’s hat, vampire teeth or bat wings? You can even go non-halloweeny and dress up as an oompa lumpa, giant hot dog or a famous celebrity. Anything goes.

Channelling my inner Lady Gaga
Channelling my inner Lady Gaga

Watch horror films

I believe this one is a given. I’ll accept anything from 12A to 18 certificates but the point really is to scare the crap out of yourself. Draw the curtains and turn off the lights to get the full scary effect. When the doorbell goes, it’s probably best to go armed with a bowl of sweets rather than a frying pan; I’m sure it’s only trick or treating kids at your door…

Throw a house party

This could be really great or very bad depending on your party crowd; I definitely don’t recommend sending out invites on facebook. You can have great fun with the set up though, decorating your house, bobbing for apples, making Halloween-themed goodies, having bowls of fake eyeballs on your kitchen table and cobwebs hanging from the ceiling… the possibilities are endless.

Join a Halloween parade

I took part in New York City’s Village Halloween Parade a couple of years ago and it is hands down the best Halloween I have ever had. I definitely recommend it. Yes, getting to New York is expensive but Americans are so into Halloween that houses and shops are decorated for months and the TV channels are jam-packed with horror films. It is Halloween heaven. It is my Halloween haven.

Our Union Jack themed costumes went down a treat
Our Union Jack themed costumes went down a treat

Go trick or treating

Obviously, this is really one you should do with young children. Anyone’s young children – take them off their parents hands for the night if you don’t have your own (I mean, ask permission first). We should be encouraging our kids to dress up, grab their plastic pumpkin baskets and have fun knocking on doors and yelling “Trick or treat” for sweets. It’s nice to have some sweet along with the scary.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

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