I went to a craft fair a few weeks back, and while I was there I tried my hand at a paper craft class run by Lucy from Magpie Craft. Lucy was lovely and a very patient teacher! I really enjoyed the class would definitely recommend it – Lucy’s workshops are based in York and there are three more before Christmas. She taught me how to cut and fold paper jewels, and then turn them into a snowflake wreath.  It’s so easy and it looks so effective – in true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier:

This is the one I made in the class

You will need – 

6 pieces of double sided paper or card – I got a pack from Hobby Craft.

Craft foam pads (or a stapler) – again, I got mine from Hobby Craft.


Optional extras – A mug of green tea and a pack of Snow Bites (NOM)

You will need

First, choose the most gorgeous card in your pack. Mine had so many to chose from, but I went for this nifty dotted number. 

Folding and cutting

Folding and cutting the card

1 – Fold the square in half, corner to corner.

2 – Fold it in half again, corner to corner.

3 – Make three cuts into the side that is double folded.

4 – Unfold the card


Contructing your jewel

attach the sides together

1 – Curl the point of the innermost cut and attach together.

Example of the sides together

2 – Turn the card over and curl the next set of innermost points and attach together.

3 – Repeat this curling and attaching until you have done them all.

Side note –the jewels look pretty great on their own. Why not make some extra, punch a hole in the top and hang them as decorations? You can also hang beads from the bottom to weigh them down a little.

Bejeweled jewels

Constructing the snowflake wreath

6 jewels for the wreath

1 – Attach jewels to each other at the side points.

2- Attach them together at the centre to secure them.

Finished Wreath
As you can see this one isn’t as well put together as the first, Why don’t I own a stapler??

3 – TA DAH!

4 – So you can hang it up, use a hole punch make a hole at the top and attach some string or wire.


Isn’t it cute? I think using the sticky pads wasnt the best idea so I would recommend using a stapler (or selotape) instead as my wreath kept popping open.  I used the stapler in the class but I don’t have one at home!

I think at Christmas making this in plain white paper (or christmas paper) would be a cheap and easy way to decorate your front door.  What do you think? Have you ever tried paper craft?

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