Autumn is synonymous with damp days, the gloom as the nights grow longer and coughs and colds. If you’re thinking of updating your home this autumn, you should think of trends that evoke sunshine and light to hang on to a bit of brightness in your life for as long as possible before the Christmas decorations need to be dusted off for another outing. Here are five ideas that will easily update your home.

1. Additions


You probably won’t feel like painting your whole house, autumn isn’t the best season to carry out this task anyway, but you can update your home with the large selection of accessories from Homebase. A room can be transformed with the addition of a brightly coloured throw placed over a sofa or some extra cushions placed around the room. Candles come into their own at this time of the year, so why not invest in some ornate holders? Look out for scented candles to place in your new holders. These won’t break the bank, and they’ll make your feel warm and secure when the rain is lashing down outside.

2. Lighting tricks

bedside lighting

The designer Kelly Hoppen, writing in Good Housekeeping suggests that you use the dark nights to change your lighting. The simple addition of a smart table lamp can make all the difference to a room. Kelly also suggests that you have a look at your lampshades and, if possible, replace some of your existing ones with new shades that are coloured with orange on the inside of the shade in order ‘to warm up the room’ without changing your colour scheme. Psychologically, you won’t be tempted to bung the heating on too early if you use nice warm lighting either.

3. Look at your kitchenhome-is-where-the-heart-is

Even if you’re not a domestic goddess, and not many of us are, you’ll still probably be spending more time in the kitchen at this time of the year to concoct the sort of hearty fare we need when temperatures start to drop. One way of enhancing this room without incorporating any major changes is to buy some new crockery that suits your colour scheme. According to the Huffington Post a new casserole dish in a vibrant warm colour will do wonders for your morale and make your kitchen look good when it’s out on display. You can also use autumn as an excuse to buy some earthenware mugs for soup or other warming drinks.

4. Natural decorations


Autumn is harvest time and it’s also the best time to source some artistic creations at local sales. Prices will be cheaper than at Christmas so try to track down some beautiful sculptures made from natural resources including dried flowers, wood and any other materials. This type of decorations will probably only endure until the following spring but they can really brighten up a table at a dinner party or look effective placed on your living room shelves.

5. Bedrooms must be cosy


Ensure that you’re using the correct duvet at this time of the year. This new season is a wonderful excuse for buying a new set of bedding. Either opt for the very bright – to transform your mood and your room – or embrace the autumnal golds, oranges and browns to match the mood of the season. If you’ve resisted changing your curtains or blinds for some time, use this occasion to effect a transformation by investing in a new set. A bedroom can feel completely transformed by new bedding and curtains – and you can make that transformation on a fairly regular basis by quickly switching sets.

How are you updating your home this year?

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