There are several big steps when it comes to dating; the ‘are you dating anyone else’ chat, the “this is my best friend who will decide whether you’re a prat” night, the ‘I love you please tell me you love me too’ admission, the ‘oh, by the way my parents want to meet you’ chat and then the one that you know deep down could break or make you…your first holiday.

How to survive your first holiday

To say I was worried about going away for the first time with my boyfriend would be an understatement. Nothing to do with him, just I can be a nightmare to go on holiday with. I’m a worrier, everything has to perfect and I’m very indecisive. It’s enough to make even the most patient and mild mannered person a tad annoyed.

But to my complete and utter surprise I survived (and actually rather enjoyed) my first ever holiday with him (yes, I’m as shocked as you).

So for anyone else that’s as nervous as me about going away with their partner or mates for the first time, here are a few things that might help…

Go somewhere close to home

go home

Going abroad is meant to be relaxing but the actual process can be rather stressful. Booking flights, arriving hours earlier than you need to, often on not enough sleep, making sure suitcases are the right weight, hoping there aren’t any delays, waiting for bags at the other end, the inevitable wait there (am I sucking all the fun out yet?).

Realistically we all know that the fun on a holiday abroad doesn’t actually begin until you’ve got the suitcases and hauled them into the hotel. And even then extreme heat or cold can make you irritable, snappy and not the you that your partner is used to

For your first holibob I cannot recommend staying close to home highly enough. You can go far away that you feel like you’re on holiday without having the stress of plane delays or extreme weathers that neither of you are used to.

Go somewhere you both actually want to go to

One of the worst holidays I’ve ever gone on was a trip to Poland. Why? Because I didn’t actually want to go, I thought it would make my travel buddy happy. It’s still the worst holiday I’ve ever been on.

I’m from Wales, my boyfriend loves Wales. We’ve individually got great memories there. So it was a no brainer to have our first holiday there as before we’d even left we both knew we were going to enjoy ourselves.

Share the music

share the music
My type of music…

Playlists to listen to while you’re travelling to your first holibob can often cause the first argument, and considering I like bad pop music and my other half likes dance and drum n bass, I thought this would create an argument before we’d even shut the car door let alone arrived at the location.

You’re going to learn a lot about your partner on your first holiday, and so why not start from the beginning and share your music taste with each other? If you’ve got completely different tastes, maybe have an hour each? Or stick on a podcast you think the other might like…you’ll find something you agree on eventually… 

Don’t be afraid to be silly

be silly

Meet Dylan. He joined us on our first holiday. There are more pictures of him than us. He’s now joining us on every holiday we ever go on. He’s a legend.

Amongst the worrying about whether you’ll enjoy/survive your first holiday it can be easy to forget it’s actually meant to be fun. So be as silly as you possibly can both before and during the holiday. Sing, dance, pull ugly faces until one of you laughs, and take pictures of the most ridiculous things you see, whatever makes you feel the silliest and the most immature. You have no idea what wonderful memories being silly can make.

Although be prepared for everyone else to think you’re a bit strange when you get back. But then again, even that’s part of the fun. An in-joke that only you and your partner are in on.

Plan a few things


To get the most out of your holiday it’s a good idea to have a basic plan of what you want to do. I don’t mean intricate details, that spoils the fun a bit, but simple things like, do you want to go for dinner in a fancy place? Is there anything nearby that you’d like to visit at some point? Do you want to go for long walks?

Whatever it is, have the basics jotted down before you head off. It’ll give you some structure so you get the most out of the holiday, but not so much it ends up ruining the fun.

But don’t be afraid to be spontaneous


You know what’s an amazing thing to do on any holiday? Get lost.

No, not losing your other half, but going out with no map, no GPS, nothing and just winging it. You’ll discover so much more about where you’re staying and the more you get lost, the funnier it becomes.

We spent several hours trying to find places that didn’t exist, following signs that didn’t go anywhere and finding the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. This included an abandoned motel and petrol station, an ancient monument which wasn’t an ancient monument and a place called Trap.

Turn your phones off

turn your phone off

This is your holibob. Turn off social media, emails, don’t reply to texts (your friends and family know you’re away, they can wait), and just be with each other. After all, it’s the whole reason you went away in the first place.

Make a surprise for each other


One of the best things about this holibob were the surprises my boyfriend did along the way. He brought prosecco to enjoy on our first night, created a playlist of his music which he thought I’d enjoy and found places along the way he knew I’d like to visit.

I won’t lie, I did not make this much effort because I wasn’t expecting it, so I come across slightly bad in this story, but these little things made the holibob great and made me appreciate him more.

Don’t be like me, make an effort for your partner. Even if it’s just writing a card telling them you love them and hiding it in their bags, something small can make a big difference to the holiday.

Document when you get home

Nothing makes a holiday seem better than reminiscing about it later. Make sure you don’t forget anything by documenting it when you get back. And I don’t mean creating an album on Facebook so you can show off to everyone how in love you are, I mean go old school. I mean scrapbooking.

Print pictures, add receipts of the restaurants you went to, draw pictures or comments that made you smile, anything and everything that made the trip what it was.

Although I guarantee that every time you look over it you’ll want to book another holiday, so maybe don’t look at it too much! You bank balance may not be able to handle it!

Have you got any tips for when you go on holiday with your other half or mates? I’d love to hear them…mainly because I want to stop being such a nightmare to travel with and I’d like to go abroad soon!

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