Giving gifts is one of the best things about the festive season. Putting thought into what would make the perfect present for someone, and their reaction when they open it is one of the best feelings in the world. But should gift giving just be reserved for others? Or should we all be on our own Christmas lists? For many years I thought it was weird to buy myself a Christmas gift, but I’ve come around to the idea this year. Here’s why you should too!

Because you can rarely ask for what you REALLY want


“So… What do you want for Christmas?”

I have a few standard answers for this question. The general rule is that you can’t go wrong with socks, books or things that smell nice, which I class as ‘justifiable’ gifts to ask for. When it comes to anything more extravagant however, it feels a little inappropriate to mention them.
When you’re a kid, you ask ‘Santa’ for all kinds, because as far as you’re aware, presents come from a magical, mysterious bottomless pit of goodies.

But when you start earning money of your own, the reality of making ends meet is sometimes a shock to the system. Being more aware of the value of money, it’s quite hard to ask for things that are a little more indulgent. Treat yourself; it eliminates any guilt you may feel for asking, leaving plenty of room to suggest more ‘bank account friendly’ options to friends and family.

Because you’re worth it!

If you’re fortunate enough to get away a few times a year, the day to day grind of life is less likely to feel like such an uphill battle. But if times are tough and you barely even manage a weekend getaway, you’re even more deserving of a treat when the festive season rolls around. There’s nothing that dictates that the Christmas gift to yourself needs to be material either. Living a hectic life could mean that simply having a day all to yourself is the greatest gift of all. Whatever it may be, make sure you set aside some time, space or a little cash to have your own personal slice of Christmas cheer this year. You’re more than worth it!

Because making it through another year should be rewarded

Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs when you least expect it, and dodging them can be nothing short of draining. By the end of the year, many of us are walking around like zombies, grateful for the time off work over the holidays. But though you may be shuffling around like an extra from The Walking Dead, at least you’re still standing. Why not use Christmas as a way to reward yourself for surviving it all? Think of all the times you faced sticky situations head on, and survived. Recall all the times you were triumphant when you feared you would be beaten. Consider how all of those things, although tough, set you up for being even more of a badass in the year to come, and get yourself a little something to represent that. You made it!

What will be your Christmas gift to yourself this year?

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