It’s January and, as always, it’s a time for reflection and forward-planning. But, the beginning of a new year doesn’t just have to be time for a new you; why not use it as an opportunity to update your home and get it looking slick for the coming months? Out with the old and in with the new!

But after the weeks of present-buying, drink-guzzling and party-going, comes the inevitable empty bank account, so a great way of snazzying up your living space without financially crippling yourself is to create a feature wall. Decorating one wall is much less costly than redoing the entire room!

As well as being a cost-effective option, feature walls are also the perfect way to give your room a whole new look with minimal effort (perfect, right?) as they become a focal point adding drama, softness or even just an eye-catching centre piece.

Here are our top tips for creating a feature wall:

Utilise your room’s existing features

Does your room already have existing features that can be used? Fireplaces, alcoves, mantlepieces, or even a window with a lovely view can easily be forgotten as they simply become part of the fabric of the room, but the smallest thing can become part of a stunning look. Step back and take in your surroundings then work with them; your home may well be telling you how it wants to be used, you just have to open your artistic mind and listen to what it’s saying!

Pick a colour

I’m sure we’ve all heard the advice that keeping your walls subtle and light is the way forward, with the most popular paint colours being hues from white to magnolia and everything in between, but when you’re creating a feature wall, colour is your friend! Adding a contrasting pop of colour in your decor will draw the eye and create a stunning visual.

feature wall

Step away from the paintbrush

If you want something a little more decorative than a plain block colour and you’re no Michelangelo, wallpaper is probably the answer for you. There are so many options out there that you’re bound to find something you love, whether that’s something graphic, classic, floral or funky. (Patterned wallpaper is also the perfect way to hide any lumps and bumps in uneven walls).

Consider your lighting

Feature walls don’t just have to be about the colour or pattern you go for; think about how you’re going to light it and you can create a striking look from day to night. Whether you strategically position some spotlights or get yourself a good looking lamp, it’s worth taking the time and effort to work out how you’re going to light the space to create the best effect.

feature wall

Do you really need anything?

If you’re one of the lucky people whose home has natural beauty, why not utilise it? Exposed brickwork can be stunning and create various looks from country cottage to industrial, depending how you dress the room around it. But, if you’re considering this look, be sure to call in a professional as stripping back to the bare walls of your home can allow the outside in – consider insulation, damp proofing and any potential drafts. Creating a beautiful wall is all well and good, but you need to be comfortable too.

If you are going to go ahead, think of the costs – at this time of year there are tons of discounts to be had, like this discount code for Dreams 2016.

Do you have a feature wall in your home? Tell us about it!

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