‘New year, new me’. You have probably heard this a lot over the last few weeks, hopefully in a more satirical sense, but regardless of how annoying that phrase can be we’re sure there are some things you can do to better yourself over the coming months. Here are just a few ideas:

Notebook & Coffee

1. Career

Sick of answering to a boss who does less than you but somehow makes double or triple your salary? Tired of working year in year out in the same role to hit the same targets? Why not consider changing your career path.

Perhaps you are in a position where you can go it alone and work for yourself as a consultant, or maybe you would enjoy changing career completely and imparting some of the knowledge you have learned by becoming and youth worker taking on a secondary teaching jobs or other jobs in education. Signing up with a company such as EduStaff, that specialises in teaching recruitment, is a great place to start.

2. Exercise

Getting active and exercising regularly doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym three or four nights a week or running half marathons. It can really be as simple as getting off the train a stop or two earlier for a bit of walk, or meeting up with your friends for a mid-week kick about, squash match or something similar.

And the great thing about exercise is, it’s addictive. Not like Netflix series addictive… but once you start exercising you will find you like the after work-out shower, ache and the feeling of having earned a particularly tasty meal. In 2015 exercise apps really took off with many people choosing to download apps such as Move and Map My Run, but you can expect many more great tools like this to use in 2016.

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3. Volunteer

Ever thought about giving something back? Well you probably should have. Take a look at some of the charity projects in your local area and you are sure to meet some like-minded individuals and get the warm glow inside that comes from having a positive impact in other people’s lives. Want some ideas? How about helping the homeless or signing up with Age UK and enjoy hearing some interesting stories from wise elderly people.

4. Hobbies

What do you do after work? Most of us go home make dinner and watch TV and perhaps have a couple of drinks to unwind, however as relaxing as this is, you could learn some new skills that can also help you wind down after a day at the office. Take up sketching or drawing, learn to play an instrument – whatever it is, doing something creative can help you feel revitalised. As this article explains, hobbies like these can help your mind enter flow states similar to meditation.

5. Be More Decisive

Make the decisions you have been putting off. In a relationship that’s moving nowhere? End it. Don’t like where you live? Move. Want to travel? Do it. Don’t like your job? Talk to your boss about taking on a new role, or start looking for a new employer. Obviously constraints of money and responsibilities mean you may not be able to follow through with every decision. But even making small decisions, being honest with yourself and talking about how to improve something you dislike can do wonders for your motivation and self-confidence. Need help making these decisions? Pick the Brain has a great article that will help you.

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