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Spa’s make us happy, sparkly people. Fact. Who doesn’t want to escape the everyday madness for a bit of chill and relaxation? I adore a good spa sesh but finding one that ticks all the boxes isn’t as easy as it seems. What I want is somewhere I can get lost. A bubble of pure bliss where I genuinely forget my stresses and worries and commit to simply zoning out. I want beautiful treatments on offer, spa rooms full of magic and most importantly, to leave the place a rejuvenated shinier me again. I’ve only found one place where I can totally do this: The Aqua Sana Spa at Centre Parcs.

Centre Parcs?! Really?!

I’m sure most of you have heard of  Centre Parcs woodland breaks which are dotted about the country. As kids this was our staple holiday most winters and we bloody loved it. Tons to do, cool little villas to stay in the woods – perfecto. It was only as we got older and into our teens that we discovered the Aqua Sana Facilities and started to make use of them.

And what a little beauty we uncovered.

The Aqua Sana Spa is more than an extension of the holiday experience at Centre Parcs. It’s a little haven in it’s own right. Whether you choose to go for an independent spa day, or visit as part of your stay at Centre Parcs, you won’t be dissapointed. I am completely in love with it. Why exactly? Let me talk you through it’s majesty.

So far I have tried the Aqua Sana Spa’s at Whinfell Forest in Cumbria, Penrith and at Longleat Forest in Wiltshire. Both are gorgeous and gave me the same stunning experience. My most recent visit was Whinfell in November. The spa itself looks like a mini grecian temple and basks in the natural beauty of the forest surroundings. Nature and Pampering combined are a beautiful win.

Aqua Sana Spa sessions

There are a variety of different spa sessions you can pay for (day spa deals, twilight spa sessions) but I opted for a three hour session in the afternoon for £35 as I was already staying at the Parc with my family. This didn’t include any additional treatments like facials or massages, which you can book in for – believe me the spa rooms alone are enough of a treatment -anything else is added loveliness.

My perfect spa experience

The Spa is really very special and has a very earthy pureness to it. After you’ve changed, you head into the main entrance to the World Of Spa which leads you to some heavenly reflexology foot baths. This is the perfect way to begin the unwind process. Light and airy but full of Roman inspired statues and artichecture, the spa lets in the perfect balance of daylight as well as ambient lighting to create a meditive and energising space.


The World Of Spa has a delicious mixture of rooms, with varying temps that will suit everyone – each with different benefits – that you can head into at your leisure. There’s a Laconium room which produces a gentle dry heat infused with citrus, a Japansese Salt Steam Bath which is amazing for the respiratory system (I had a mild cold during this trip and by the time I’d finished in here, it was gone), a Greek Herbal Bath which wafts chamomile, sage and rosemary (I totally fell asleep in this room – and I wasn’t the only one), a Balinese Multi Steam Bath which is an exotic sensory experience that detoxifies and gently stimulates the circulation, and so many more!

Dotted about the spa are multi-sensory showers to dip into after each room to freshen yourself up or warm yourself up depending on where you are headed next. There are saunas galore too, including the traditional Tyrolean, as well as a relaxing hydro pool and a heated pool outdoors to have a swim and break from the spa rooms when you need it.

My absolute favourite has to be the Indian Blossom Steam Room, which sends me into the clouds big time. The room glitters with twinkling lights and is super soothing. You can really feel the aromas of eucalyptus and flower petals working on your skin in the heat – heaven.

I am a sucker for the Turkish Hammam Bath too. Granted, I can only stick it out for a short time (you have to be a toughie for this one), but the benefits of its intense steam and essential oils are so worth it.

Perfectly placed outside this room is the Ice Fountain. After you’ve sweated yourself silly in the Turkish Bath, slap a load of fresh tingly ice on your body and oosh, what a feeling! Then you can hang out in the Zen and a Tyrolean Garden, have a lazy nap on the waterbeds or pull up an uber comfy chair to chill with a book.


Goddess status

The best thing is you feel like an absolute goddess (despite the sweaty, steamed face and wet hair). One that is loving and nurturing her body, mind and spirit, all whilst having a brilliant time. It’s three hours of insane loveliness. You can go where you like when you like, for as long as you like and potter about at your own pace with no pressure attached is wellbeing at it’s best.

Whether you go with a friend, partner, the family or by yourself, I absolutely reccommend a spa experience at Aqua Sana. It’s a treat that will stick with you for a long time afterwards, and so will the benefits.

A word of warning: you might just get a bit addicted… but this addiction loves you back.
Get thee to Centre Parcs!

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