Do you manage others? Whether you supervise one person or have a team of a hundred people under you, you’ll want to lead them in an inspiring way. If you’ve ever had a crappy manager, you’ll understand how demotivating that can be.Instead, you want to be the sort of boss that encourages their team and leads by fantastic example. Now, you can be! Go on, dazzle your team with your awesome boss skills.

1. Be positive

There’s nothing less inspiring than a constantly negative boss. Yes, when the shit hits the fan, it’s managers who are in the splash zone so it’s not always possible to be cheerful. Be aware of your attitude around your team, though, your behaviour affects them. Upbeat, positive people motivate others, that attitude is contagious.

2. Walk the talk

You just can’t lecture staff on timekeeping, dress standards or CPD if you’re always the last one in the office, you’re dressed in your pyjamas and the last training you did was on Windows Vista. Lead by example. If you expect your team to work on Bank Holidays, get your own arse into the office on Good Friday. If you want them to manage their time better, stick to your own deadlines. It’s pretty simple, really.

Command like a boss

3. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

All I’m asking is for a little respect. That’s all your team want, too. Recognise them as individuals, take note of their talents and show them they’re valuable. If a team member does something that gets the attention of the big-bosses, give them the credit. Sure, team efforts are great, but if someone deserves recognition, make sure they get it. Which leads us on to…

4. Say thanks

When was the last time you thanked your team? Show you appreciate the people you manage and they’ll work hard for you. It’s not only the big achievements that need recognition, though; thank them for their day’s work. One of the most motivating managers I’ve have made the effort to thank every colleague for their hard work after every single shift. Every. Single. Shift.

5. Build on strengths

You know those SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis deals that most managers are so fond of? It’s all too easy to think you can improve your team by working on their weaknesses. You’ll actually get much better results by focussing on their strengths. Give your team roles that play to their talents and you’re more likely to motivate them. Of course, you can still help to iron out those weaknesses, but keep the emphasis positive.

6. Change is good

In the current economic climate, it’s inevitable, too. When your business goes through changes, you need to champion them. It’s natural to resist change and not everyone will be open to a new way of working so it’s up to you to show them the way. Sometimes those changes involve restructuring or redundancy and that’s never easy. Your role here is to support your team through the tough decisions. Whatever the change is, show your team that you can rise to the challenge by adapting and adopting the new ways of working.

Being in charge is a big responsibility and if you want to be the kind of manager that commands respect, these tips will help you manage, like a boss.

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