weird things people tried to smuggle on a plane

Ever watched Border Patrol? It’s a great real life series based in a New Zealand airport. A bit like our easyjet Airline UK programme, it focuses on customs and biosecurity, telling real stories of things people try to smuggle into the country. And sometimes, the stuff passengers try to get past the officials are absolutely insane.

In airports all over the place there are people trying to smuggle drugs and banned food (my dad managed to get through Luton with an apple in his jeans pocket) but sometimes you wouldn’t believe the things that are uncovered. Here are 7 weird things people tried to smuggle on a plane, from America to Sweden to England.

A stun cane

Yep, that really exists. TSA agents in Tampa, Florida discovered a cane that doubles up as a stun gun. You can’t really take that shit on a plane, especially when you’re not law enforcement! So into the banned box it went. I really hope the passenger brought a backup cane though – sans weaponry.

A mallet

Now, I’m not sure why you desperately need to take a mallet with you onto a plane instead of shipping it, but a passenger in Vermont saw fit to at least try and get it on there with them. I guess it’s safer than a gun (for everyone else) but nevertheless a pretty dangerous weapon. Maybe they were really fed up of those rock hard plane potatoes?

meat slicer

A meat slicer

Again, what’s with the weapons Florida? This time at the International airport, a passenger tried to get a pretty large meat slicer onboard – in their carry on. You can kind of understand maybe they’d want to stick it in their checked baggage – maybe their friend Karen in Colorado doesn’t own a slicer and the plan was to enjoy a raclette on the slopes. But carry on luggage? Who owns a handbag that big anyway?

Five seahorses in a bottle of liquor

You can’t blame America’s determination to be fair. This time the weirdness comes from Detroit. TSA agents there discovered the bodies of five endangered seahorses inside a full bottle of liquor. You can’t take liquids on a plane anyway, but poor little seahorses? Possibly the saddest story of the lot, I hope this passenger suffered serious consequences.

A dead body

I’m serious. Two women tried to take the body of a 91 year old man onto a plane at Liverpool Airport. They put sunglasses on him and pretended he was asleep, but officials weren’t fooled and arrested them before they could board. You can’t make this stuff up. Oh wait, you can – it’s Weekend at Bernie’s in England!

A dog

This one is kind of an accident, but still a tale. While looking into a checked baggage alarm, an officer at New York’s La Guardia airport found a passenger’s Chihuahua hiding in the suitcase! Apparently the dog climbed in while she was packing, which could be true as we all know how much our pets love to explore open suitcases. It’s a happy ending though – officials tracked down the owner and they were reunited before little Bruiser was sent packing…his own suitcase home.


Reptiles in a bra

Either this is some big bra or tiny snakes, I can’t tell. Either way, it can’t have been comfortable. A woman in Stockholm, Sweden tried to smuggle 75 live snakes and six lizards in her bra. I can’t even keep my phone in there for long before I start getting fidgety! Officials noticed she was scratching her chest, and no doubt all those snaky wiggles, so her dreams of opening her own zoo were quickly dashed. Lady, get yourself on BGT because that is what I call talent.

Well, these weird things people tried to smuggle on a plane were certainly something. Have you seen someone try and smuggle something strange? Or did you find something odd in your own baggage? Tell us in the comments.

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