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The Bra. One of THE most important things a woman can own. Get the perfect fits, styles and colours and you can look and feel like a million dollars. Beautiful lingerie is one of the many perks of being a woman. We love the bra not just because we need it, but because it has the power to lift a mood – as well as some tissue. BUT …

The bra has its shitty points

If you’re anything like me you want to rip that oh so loved friend of yours off the minute you get home. Nothing beats that feeling of freedom, far far away from anyone wanting to judge your breasts having a much needed breather, or for revealing your nips of the year. For me personally this is largely because the wire in a bra hurts like hell if you’ve been wearing it all day. It can dig into my skin and leave marks on my breasts ( I am wearing the correct sized bra – I’ve checked) so that can’t be too good for my boobs? But the alternative option isn’t too hot. A non-wired bra.

Having had small boobs throughout my entire teenage and adult life (even having two babies hasn’t altered this), I luckily have never had the problems that can come from having larger breasts and the pain they can cause some women. So, I could give the non-wired bra a try; after all, I don’t need quite the same level of support from a bra as my larger-breasted friends. I’m lacking in bounce!

So with an open mind, but feeling weirdly embarrassed, I gave in and bought some wire-free bras to throw into my daily mix of wearing.

Ditch the stereotype

There is a general sterotype about non-wired bras when not worn for exercising in a sports bra format. They look crap, don’t give enough support and are the type of bra your mum or the elderly wear. Not true. Most mums need just as much support, if not more, once a breastfeeding baby stretches their breasts every possible way. Ditto with older women – boobs need more care the more time that passes, so these women know their stuff on the comfort of a bra, whether its a wired one or not.

No, they don’t have to look boring and plain. I admit this is the first thought that went through my mind when I considered switching to a non-wired bra. Since looking, I’ve found lots of variety and most importantly some very sexy, pretty styles that look gorgeous on and actually accentuate the positives of having smaller breasts. My favourite brands so far have been Topshop,  M&S and John Lewis.


The health benefits

Since wearing a non-wired bra in alternate use with a wired bra, I’ve found my breasts are far more comfortable in general, I still feel supported but I also feel a bit freer and less restricted. YES!

Breast tissue houses a big part of our lymphatic tissue which primarily flushes out toxins. Unlike a cardiovascular system which has a pump to help move this fluid, the lymph system requires the movement of the body to help flush the toxins. So the less restricted your breasts are, the better it is for your health. You can get some brilliant padded non-wired bras that offer great support. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how my breasts feel since I made the swap and it’s only been 3 weeks.


Don’t get me wrong – some outfits might require a wired bra, and sometimes I will want to wear a wired bra for that extra support. But having the mix has made a big difference and it’s been quite liberating. It’s also a teeny way of giving my boobs a bit of TLC when I’m wearing a bra day in/day out. It’s not for everyone and some women may just not be comfortable with it for various reasons including breast size ( I do think the smaller your breast size the easiest it is to embrace the non-wire) – but if you haven’t already, I’d recommend giving it a try. Even if just a wire free Wednesday. Your boobs will love you for it!


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