Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock, are an alien from another planet or have been asleep for a solid year you would not have been able to avoid the hysteria, panic, worry and debates about Brexit and what that means for us in the UK. Whether you voted leave or remain, it is clear we are entering unchartered territory when it comes to politics, the economy and within our communities. For most of us, that makes us feel uneasy and a little bit terrified.

Uncertainty Through BREXIT

So what is to be done? Whilst the politicians, civil servants and economists spend the best part of the next two years sorting Brexit out, we are left arguing on Facebook, looking for long lost relatives with a different passport and worrying about the future. Or not. Here are 4 things that you can start doing today to protect yourself from the fall out – whatever that may be.

1. Overhaul your finances

First things first – time to sort out your money. With the pound going into freefall the morning after the referendum result was announced and it not fully recovering, it makes sense to protect what you have. Here are some quick things to think about, all with links to further information about how to get this done!

  • Review your banking arrangements – savings, direct debits, paperwork. Follow these steps to have a mini financial overhaul.
  • Find places you can save some money – the easiest places to start are your food shop or cleaning!
  • Have a huge clear out and see where you can find some belongings to sell. Check out our guide to selling on eBay to help!

2. Think about your career

With so much uncertainty, workplaces can become a little bit unstable – and you want to be prepared. Whether your line of work is impacted or not, it makes sense to ensure that your career is as stable as it can be and your are maximising your earnings (and staying employable). 

  • Check out all the articles in our careers section. With advice on CVs, interviews, navigating workplace issues you’ll find lots of helpful tips to help you plan.
  • Think about other ways you can earn a living. For example, could you turn a hobby into a career?
  • Be prepared for every eventuality. If the worst should happen, prepare now for redundancy.

Uncertainty Through BREXIT

3. Get political

Want to have your say on how the country moves forward in the wake of this huge decision? Get a seat at the table. There are likely to be more leadership contests for the main political parties as well as a General Election so now is an ideal time to get involved.

You can join one of the main political parties for a small fee, or alternatively you can get involved in some of the other political organisations that exist – The Women’s Equality Party, Momentum or Hope Not Hate spring to mind.

4. Spread some love

Brexit has been one of the most tense and difficult political battles we have seen in our generation. With strong feelings on both sides (and idiots like Farage making things more difficult), this has spilled over into, at best, ranty Facebook posts. At worst, it’s been outright racism in the streets. 

This is particularly sad, but it is our job as human beings to stand up and ensure this does not continue. Whether this includes calling out poor behaviour when we see it, being a kind and open Brit or doing something more hands on, we all have a responsibility.

If you want to do something more tangible than just be nice, why not volunteer? You can find opportunities on vinspired.com and do-it.org matched to your interest and local area.

The next few months won’t be easy financially, culturally or politically, but we can indeed work together to try and create the best possible outcome for everyone in the UK. This article by Owen Jones is probably the best we’ve seen as to how to move forward.

Have a read, and tell us your ideas in the comments below.

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