Women get the raw end of the deal when it comes to Halloween costumes. We’re fobbed off with ‘sexy’ versions of characters and everyday objects – but that’s no fun! The opportunities for creativity are endless when it comes to Halloween, but here’s a few last minute Halloween costumes to choose from if you’re pushed for time this weekend… 

Your Favourite Emoji 

emoji-costumes last minute Halloween costumes

The opportunities are endless… a strappy red dress turns you into the salsa-dancing lady, whilst the ‘single ladies girls’ is an excellent couple costume for you and your BFF. ‘Sassy girl’ is probably easiest, though… if you can balance your drink on your hand. 

Generic Scary Movie Girl 

grudge last minute Halloween costumes

Okay, so when I stumbled across this costume idea I thought it was for The Ring but apparently The Grudge also has a similar creepy girl character. Just brush your hair forward over your face, smudge some mascara around your eyes and wear something light-coloured and loose fitting. If it’s a house party (rather than a bar) then bare feet would probably be acceptable, too. Only problem is being able to talk/drink/party with your hair in front of your eyes and mouth, so this one is probably best for introverts… 

Everyone’s Worst Nightmare 

trump last minute Halloween costumes

The only thing everyone is actually scared of right now… Donald Trump! All you need is a suit, a red tie and some slightly-too-orange foundation. Oh, and a selection of his best (worst) quotes. Shout ‘Wrong’ over everything that women at the party say to get the full effect. 

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Creepy Doll 

Wear your cutest dress, paint your face a little and spend the night with a vacant stare. Creepy doll costume, sorted! 

Eleven from Stranger Things

eleven last minute Halloween costumes

Show off your pop culture credentials by dressing as one of the stand out characters from one of this years’ most popular shows. Pink dress, bomber jacket, knee socks, sneakers and a blonde wig (or a buzzcut…). You probably have some (or all) of this in your cupboard somewhere, right? 

Something Stripy 

We all have a Breton top (or twelve…) in our drawers, right? Dig it out and pair with your favourite black skinnies… Boom, you’re a mime! Or a burglar. Grab a beret for the former and a ‘swag bag’ for the latter. 

Cruella de Vil 

cruel last minute Halloween costumes

Pull out your best monochrome outfit, whatever (faux) fur you’ve got knocking about and spray your hair in Cruella’s signature black and white style. Simple. 

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