I kind of feel like the world has gone mad.

In an age where equality awareness is at its highest, we are seeing revolutions erupt left, right and centre. And, in many cases, rightly so. Since Brexit we have seen an exponential rise in racially motivated attacks and as a result the awareness of racial equality is firmly back on our radar. Black Lives Matter has become a symbol of rightful defiance, unity and shows that “the people” are not willing to back down easily.

But this shouldn’t have had to happen.

We shouldn’t need racial equality to be brought back onto  our radar, surely we were past that? Or at least in a place where it was expected rather than a “nice surprise”.

Between Brexit and the most bumbled presidential election to have ever happened, where – in the opinion of some – the selection of candidates was not one better than the other more of a lesser of two evils vote, it seems that things are coming undone.

Sensitivity is at an all-time high. If you’re Muslim you are automatically assumed to be a terrorist, if you are black you’re automatically a suspect, if you’re a woman you’re automatically either an object or a crazy bra burning feminist. It’s not hard to see why tensions and poor tolerance is at an all-time high.

Let’s look for a moment at the male contraceptive study.

320 men were trialled. 20 dropped out due to side effects women currently suffer with their contraceptive (the majority of comparisons drawn with the pill). Everyone is in uproar due to the inequality. Everywhere you look people are pointing out that women have suffered with these side effects for years. I mean, Christ, only one of the men that pulled out of the study was down to depression, that’s 3.2%. Compare that to the 20-30% of woman that are on the pill that suffer the same side effect, it does feel unfair.

What we are forgetting is that the pill was originally created to give women power. To give them the ability to dictate and control if and when they had children. It was a tool of empowerment, and it was huge when it was created, in 1961. When you consider the fact that women had no power over their body at the time – when rape laws were a blurred line that was very rarely reported let alone prosecuted for – the pill was a saviour. Side effects be damned.

And then, consider the changes that the pill has seen since. The 80’s saw a massive decline in its use down to new research that linked it’s use with life threatening side effects. Retrospective research saw that pill change for the safety of those taking it. And, it’s clear that research is still being carried out now. How else would we know the link between the contraceptive and depression has been officially recognised? It’s not right that women have had to suffer with the side effects for so long, but it’s unfair to assume that no one cares and that nothing is being done. We can do nothing about the pasts inequality but continue to advance with it today, which we are.

It’s not just this that has recently hit the headlines with skewed views.

When Gina Miller came out of court, having successfully put the brakes on Brexit being completed by the back door and ensuring it will be done with proper democracy – a thing that ultimately Leavers voted for – she faced a whole load of abuse. The main thing to be picked up on? The colour of her skin. She isn’t white. Therefore, obviously, she isn’t British. Except that she is. And what she fought for was essentially ensuring that our government didn’t do us from behind (again) and that the right procedures are followed. She was fighting for the British people.

You only have a glance across the pond to see the unrest, the nation divided and the ripples that is causing around the world. Nothing feels secure any more. Britain was a nation divided in June, and it still is. We are led by a leader elected by MPs rather than the nation and the contenders for her position are there by default only because no better candidate came along. The same has happened in America. All while the rest of the world is sat watching in awe, in shock and ,in so cases, rubbing their hands together waiting for it all to fall to shit.

Now is a time for coming together. We are too advanced to fall apart, we are too advanced to collapse in on ourselves, we are too advanced to take a step backwards to the 80’s without the bonus of the financial boom. Aren’t we?

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