turned 30 this year and I was dreading it. I kept focusing on all the things I hadn’t yet achieved and all the dreams I had yet to realise, ending up panic stricken and believing I had wasted my life so far. Then I made a decision. I was going to make the year I turned 30 the best I’d ever had. It was that simple.

So 2016 has now come to an end and a lot of people had been wishing it away due to Brexit, Trump and the death of many beloved celebrities but I tried to cling on because… I did it. I had the best year of my life so far; turning 30 made my dreams come true.


Turning 30 made my dreams come true

I was in a good job, I enjoyed my work and loved my colleagues. But I am ambitious and have career aspirations. The field I want to work in is communications but I have experienced many knock backs and unsuccessful interviews over the years so began to doubt my skills and ability. When an opportunity for my dream job came up, I got focused: I worked on my application for weeks, got advice from experienced colleagues and professionals, I practiced interview questions, I memorised the company’s website, bought a new dress and read all the interview guidance I could find.

Why did I do all this? Not just because I wanted the job but because I had told myself that I was going to have the best year of my life and not getting the job would get me off track. Positive mentality and hard work allowed me to take the time to focus on why I was the best person for the job and why I deserved this opportunity.

My advice to you is to do the same. If you are going for a new role or changing your career, take a step back and think about whether it is the right time for you, if the role is suitable, what skills you can bring to the table and really take the time to prepare yourself for the application/interview. If you do this, you will be as prepared as you can be and, hopefully, you’ll get the job. Just like me.


Turning 30 made my dreams come true

My boyfriend and I go on three holidays a year. It hurts my bank balance, but is a big part of my life. I have been to many places, including Europe and America, but I wanted to do something bolder; make my travelling into an accomplishment. I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit Australia, not only a country I’ve never visited before but also the furthest I’ve ever travelled alone. And, honestly, I was really scared. Worst case scenarios went through my head for months and when my boyfriend dropped me off at the hotel the day before my flight, I burst into tears as soon as he drove off (resulting in a bit of an awkward check in).

As I have written this article in 2017, you can see that my journey was fine. Absolutely fine. And so was I. Taking this holiday made me realise I am much stronger that I previously thought and I have already booked my next trip to Australia, again travelling solo.

Whatever is stopping you from taking that trip, going skydiving or having a first date, bite your tongue, take a deep breath and take the jump. Chances are you’re going to be absolutely fine, have a great time and, if you’re like me, you will learn something wonderful about yourself that will set you up for the future.


My hobbies include writing and acting and I have experienced reasonable success over the years. In 2016 I made more concerted efforts to write and act. This resulted in me winning a local writing award and being one of the first people to perform in the newly-renovated York Theatre Royal.

I gained these new experiences by thinking about what I really want from my life. I have always wanted to act and writing is a huge passion. I find it too easy to get home from work and slouch in front of the TV.

If you want to try a new hobby or focus more on your passions, my advice is to take baby steps and set goals. If you want to write, make a schedule and try to write every day or if you want to start working out, contact local gyms and personal trainers, look at YouTube fitness videos, try a workout DVD, see what will work best for you. Before you know it, you’ve written a novel or have improved your health, setting you up for a more positive mind-set, which will reflect in all aspects of your life.


Turning 30 made my dreams come true

My boyfriend is well aware of my obsession of celebrating my birthday for as long as I can so took my plans for the best year of my life in his stride. And, unbeknownst to me, decided to help me along the way. Be it sending flowers to my work on Valentine’s Day, booking us a romantic weekend in Liverpool for my birthday just so he could drop me at my hotel before I flew to Australia or accompanying me to a horror convention (his idea of hell, although I think he enjoyed it), he has been amazing to me.

These acts of thoughtfulness made me realise he always does a lot for me and has been my rock for the past 7.5 years. I now know how much I’ve taken him for granted but also know that I am a better person for loving him.

Look at the people in your life and make the effort to let them know how much you appreciate them, even if it’s a simple of act of doing the washing up or just saying thank you. Life is short and the people you surround yourself with can help or hinder your life.

The future

Turning 30 made my dreams come true simply because I decided 30 was my year. I changed my mindset and my dreams came true. It had nothing to do with turning 30 really, more to do with changing the way I looked at my life and who I am. Now I cannot wait to get on with 2017 because I believe things can only get better. And better.

How are you going to make your dreams come true this year? Tell us in the comments!

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