If you’re a current student, have recently graduated or like us have been thrust into the post-university sunlight for quite some years now you may be wondering whether the personal and financial slog of higher education was really worth it. Is the shiny piece of paper and picture of you looking innocent and young and carefree in an oversized gown helping you day to day in your career? Was graduating the thing that opened the door for you with your dream job? Or are you smugly motoring on in your career, degree free and not sitting on a pile of debt which would easily cover a deposit on a nice flat somewhere lovely? Was your degree really worth it?

Join Lea & Sam where we’ll be talking about our experiences of university, the differences in the fee structure then and now, and whether that would change our mind about heading to Uni. We talk about whether our degrees really helped us in our career progression, and discuss whether actually there were broader reasons for getting a degree – for an experience you can’t put a price on. This careers and education chat is sure to get you thinking about your own life and career, so tune in and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

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So tell us – did your love uni or did you decide to get a job? Was your degree really worth it?

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