It’s that time of year when everyone’s setting goals and finding ways to achieve their dreams.

Why you shouldn’t wait until you’ve lost weight to pursue your dreams dreamcatcher

For some it’s a positive experience. A constructive period to work on the things they want to be different in this New Year.  But for many it’s a horrible time where the weight of expectation gets too much, and the world is constantly bashing their efforts. People put off working towards their dreams because they’re “not good enough”. They “don’t have the confidence”. They’re “too fat”. 

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait until you’ve lost weight to pursue your dreams.

Appearance is irrelevant

So many women I know have their goals mapped out. They have a road they can take to follow their dreams… but they’re not starting the journey yet because they think they need to lose weight. It’s the most heartbreaking thing to hear an intelligent woman you respect and admire state that they’ll only be following their kick-arse plan once they’re a stone lighter.  

It’s like giving up before you’ve even started. Telling yourself that this version of you isn’t good enough to achieve, simply because of the way you look. How can you have the self-belief and confidence to follow through on these goals if you can’t begin them because you don’t look “right”?

We need to start separating how we look from how we act. An overweight woman can be confident and a skinny woman can be self-conscious. Our bodies don’t portray our personalities, our achievements or our intelligence. Your appearance does not determine who you are.

Don’t wait

There won’t be a magical sign telling you you’re ready to start going for your dreams. You have to lead the way.

Why you shouldn’t wait until you’ve lost weight to pursue your dreams city

Losing weight alone won’t give you a newfound confidence or ability. People aren’t confident because they’re attractive; they’re attractive because they’re confident. They believe in themselves, they have a positive inner voice and they don’t set themselves limits.

If you’re waiting for those sexy jeans to fit to start your new life, how about going and buying those sexy jeans in another size? Why it does matter? You’ll still look and feel amazing. You’ll still get that confident boost.

Start realising that these things are irrelevant – the way you feel is most important and that is not determined by numbers on a scale.  

Set your goals

Set goals and map out your plans. Intertwine important elements, let each achievement roll on to the next and be ready to grab amazing opportunities. And while you’re there don’t forget to give yourself realistic time frames and remember you’re human – you need time to relax!

Make your goals personal. Take little steps to work on your confidence, like buying a new top in a style you’re dying to try. Wear your going out shoes on an ordinary day, or do something as simple as writing down a compliment to yourself every day.

Whatever you do, don’t put a negative spin on your plans. Don’t make yourself conditional offers. Don’t punish yourself for not being everything all at once.

Start championing yourself. Right now. Start seeing past your flaws and become the woman you want to be. That all starts with liking what you see in the mirror.

Are you putting off your dreams until you look better? Tell us in the comments!

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