If you ever get to the end of a long day and feel frazzled, tired and with a slight headache, you are not alone. Most of us spend huge proportions of our day online for work, whether that is hunched over a keyboard or tap tap tapping things into our phones and tablets. When we get home we switch the TV on and in a zombie-like state wonder why we never quite feel like we are relaxing. We’ve got a suggestion for that. And it involves unplugging from the matrix and being (shock horror!) offline.

Join Lea & Sam where we’ll be talking about how we get off of our screens and why it is important to spend time relaxing offline. We’ll be sharing some of our favourite ways to switch off and relax, including bubble baths, reading, walking and colouring in (it really does work), and thinking about how we can better extricate ourselves from our ever-connected world.  Tune in and don’t forget to tell us how you relax offline!

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