Healthy habits: great to have, but almost impossible to stick to. Laura Agar Wilson is sharing the secrets that make healthy habits stick.

If there’s any significant way we want to change our lives, a great place to start is with our habits. They form the fabric of our day to day activities, so changing habits = changing life!

However, changing habits is easier said than done – so many things conspire to keep us trapped in bad habits that don’t serve us.

For example, a simple habit like drinking more water can be surprisingly hard to incorporate every single day! So how do we actually make a positive change?

Here are several proven strategies that can support the development of good habits. I’ve taken inspiration from the book Better Than Before, which I wholeheartedly suggest you read if this stuff floats your boat. You can even take a free quiz herewhich will let you know your habit tendency and what to look out for when it comes to creating new habits.



Use a habit tracker (such as the ones I discuss in this post) or try journaling daily about a habit using a bullet journal or diary.


Make plans to fulfil your new healthy habit with someone else. Work with a teacher, mentor, coach etc – this is especially key if that quiz tells you you’re an obliger!

accountability make healthy habits stick


Make a date with yourself in your calendar. Schedule it in your diary and don’t cancel.

Abstaining v moderating

For some people, completely abstaining from something works for them. The downside of this is feelings of deprivation. Moderating is the opposite; it’s the idea of finding a balance.


Choose the path of least resistance; how can you make things easier to make keeping the habit easier?

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Make sure that good habits are supported with convenience and bad habits are blocked with inconvenience.


Can you distract yourself away from something that would jeopardise your habit? If so, go for it. It could be your saving grace!

Pairing habits with other enjoyable activities

Can you pair your new habit with something else that is enjoyable? For example, going on a run while listening to your favourite podcast? (Not that we’re hinting or anything…)

make healthy habits stick girl with coffee and daisy


Knowing the direct link between the habit and it’s value provides clarity. In turn, this newfound clarity supports the formation of the habit.


Know who you are and where your habit fits within your self beliefs.

If it does not, then you might need to change your self belief or your habit.

A great way to use these ideas is by thinking of a habit you’d like to focus on, then running through each point like a checklist and seeing if there’s anything you can use from them to support your new habit formation!

Do you struggle with creating new healthy habits, or use any of these strategies already? Tell us your own secret to making healthy habits stick in the comments.

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