So last week we chatted all about ways to relax offline, and to continue the theme of awesome things to do that won’t have you glued to your phone, we are covering off the brilliant morning. Can you honestly say that you wake up and have one every day? Us neither. If we haven’t dropped cereal down ourselves/had our mascara run, forgotten our keys OR fallen asleep on the commute and missed our stop, it hasn’t been a morning we recognise.

Join Lea & Sam where we’ll be talking about how we tray (and often fail) to set ourselves up for a brilliant morning. We talk about why mornings are hard, the pressure of the internet in making us believe we have to pack in all the things and share simple feel good tips for getting the day off to a good start. We’re not perfect, but we are trying! Tune in and don’t forget to tell us how you do mornings!

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