If you’ve never considered Berlin for a city break destination, you’re missing out. Here are Sophie Cliff’s seven reasons to visit Berlin.

You may have noticed that we’re a big fan of city breaks here at Unsorry. We’ve lusted over Paris and harped on about Copenhagen, but today we’re here to convince you to get yourself to Berlin, pronto.

It’s one of those cities that truly does have something for everyone – whether you’re a foodie, a history buff or a super cool hipster. Here are 7 reasons to visit Berlin…

reasons to visit berlin

1. It’s teeming with history

It’s safe to say that if you studied any sort of modern day history at high school, then Berlin will be super interesting to you. From exploring the remains of the Berlin Wall, learning more about the German Democratic Republic at the DDR musuem or visiting the museum now set in the old Gestapo headquarters, a trip to Berlin will bring those boring old history lessons to life.

2. The nightlife is amazing

One of the thing that draws people from all over Europe to Berlin is the amazing nightlife. Whether you settle on an evening of bar hopping in Kreuzberg or decide to hit the big clubs for one of their techno nights, you definitely won’t be bored.

From visiting the Reichstag to exploring the Topography of Terror museum, you could fill an entire weekend here without spending a penny.

3. You’ll spot lots of great street art

Perhaps my favourite thing about this city is just how colourful it is. In East Berlin you’ll never be too far away from some beautiful street art – it adorns the side of most buildings and some pieces are so intricate that you could be fooled into thinking they were photographs. It’s definitely also worth checking out the East Side Gallery which consists of 105 paintings on a stretch of the Berlin Wall.

reasons to visit berlin4. It’s cheaper than other European cities

One thing we really noticed on our trip was how cheap it was compared with other European cities. Sure, you pay more if you’re eating and drinking near the tourist hotspots, but in East Berlin there are plenty of options to keep the costs down – we even found one bar where a glass of prosecco was 3 euros. Win.

5. The food is pretty yummy

While Germany might be best known for it’s sausages, it’s definitely not all you’ll find in Berlin. From deliciously fresh Vietnamese food to too good to be true vegan donuts, the food scene here is absolutely thriving. Be sure to check out Berlin Food Stories for all the latest recommendations.

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6. There’s tonnes of free stuff to do

Who else has fallen into the trip of thinking that they’ve got a great deal on a trip, only to spend an absolute fortune on activities when you get there? I know I have, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case in Berlin. From visiting the Reichstag to exploring the Topography of Terror museum, you could fill an entire weekend here without spending a penny.

reasons to visit berlin7. It’s super cool 

Last but not least is the fact that Berlin is just super cool. From the hipster coffee shops to the super gorgeous design stores to the uber creative folk, the vibe of the city makes East London look straight laced. It’s impossible to visit and not come home feeling inspired.

Have you ever visited Berlin before?

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